Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Atomic Dawn: Kaiju!

"Monsters are tragic beings. They are born too tall, too strong, too heavy. They are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy. They do not attack people because they want to, but because of their size and strength, mankind has no other choice but to defend himself. After several stories such as this, people end up having a kind of affection for the monsters. They end up caring about them." 
-Ishiro Honda
Kaiju (怪獣 kaijū?) is a Japanese word that literally translates to "strange creature". However, the word kaiju has come to refer to a type of enormous monster spawned from the terrible energies of the Apocalypse. Atomic fallout, chemical and biological poisons, cybernetics, genetic engineering and cosmic radiation all have their role in the creation of these monsters. They are diverse in form and abilities, and although the ones presented here are mainly Kaiju breeds, many unique kaiju (called Daikaiju) exist as well. Daikaiju (大怪獣 daikaijū?, giant kaiju) are the largest of their kind and are always unique and very powerful.
All Kaiju are at least fifty feet in length and possess a minimum of 15 Hit Dice. Kaiju vary in their abilities and weakness, but have some abilities or immunities in common. All kaiju have the following common mutations:
Gigantism (Titanic): Fifty feet or more and very heavy and strong.
Natural Armor (Super-Heavy): Kaiju have a minimum AC of 0.
Reflective Epidermis (choose energy type)
Fairly common mutations of Daikaiju (in addition to the above) are:
Complete Wing Development
Control Weather 
Damage Turning
Dermal Poison Slime
Dual Headed
Energy Beam 
Flight, Psionic
Force Screen
Plane Shift

Articles to Come!
In the weeks to come I will be detailing some additional aspects of my Atomic Dawn campaign setting. Notably additional aspects of the Alamo Empire, Monsters, Factions and especially Kaiju!

So stay tuned!

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