Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Alien Race: Blyntzyns

The Blyntzyns are a race of diminutive would-be conquerors that ran afoul of the Voltamen shortly after Earth, though they avoided being conquered only through luck and the Voltamens preoccupation with the rebellion on Earth. Now they are valued members of The United Planets, finding the cutthroat world of business and especially industry more to their liking than direct warfare.
The Blyntzyn homeworld is mineral and energy rich, allowing the Blyntzyns to construct a potent fleet of ships and robots. Due to earlier disasters in their home system, the Blyntzyn System is very poor in plant and animal life, making biomass of any kind highly valued.
Blyntzyns are very small by human standards, standing roughly two feet in height. They have a "goblin-like appearance, including huge pointed ears and horns. Though small and not very strong, they are brilliant technologists, and are highly resistant to toxins due to their highly (even overly) industrialized homeworld. 
Robotics is very important to the Blyntzyns, as they build a wide arrangement of highly advanced robots to run their industry, fight their wars, and explore the universe for them. In the United Planets, Blyntzyn-built robots are a regular sight in dangerous industrial zones, and are employed in the United Planets Navy as shock troops, pilots and robotic weapons platforms. 
Representative Names: Shlep and Blep.
First Appearance:  Amazing Adventures (July, 1951)
Blyntzyns are veritable wizards at building robots, gaining a +10 bonus at Robotics skill rolls. They also have the following characteristics:
+1 Intellect
-1 Strength
+1 Toxins
-1 Endurance

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