Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dagger: Lands of Yore

For use with the Dagger RPG by Brave Halfling Publishing I have thrown together a relatively simple campaign setting. I will be purposely not getting into fine detail so that the players can help me paint the setting. Still, you can't have a good fantasy story without a MAP, so I whipped up the map you see above.
Some notes:

Cacus Hills: Wild hills that are home to roving herds of Centaurs and bands of Satyrs. Not exactly hostile, but not terribly friendly either. The Centaurs here worship a wild old god of aurochs and iron-craft.
Darrow: A small kingdom beyond the Wizarding Waste. The city is ruled by a member of the infamous Telchine Brotherhood, a powerful society of wizards and scholars.
Ereht Og: This region is ruled by a powerful Hill Giant king named Clytius (pronounced Klee-Tus). His army is composed of Hill Giants, Ogres and Trolls. Not to be trifled with.
Rowntree: Prosperous kingdom of humans that has cordial relations with most neighboring races. Centaurs, Dwarves, Satyrs and some other races (see races) can all be found living here more-or-less alongside humans.
Vollmer: Kingdom of the Dwarves hereabouts. Wealthy and not very friendly, but not an enemy either.
Wizarding Waste: Region ruined in the great Wizard War. This area is so irradiated with magic that all manner of strangeness abounds there.

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