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Brain-Lords of Cymradia

Stamina: 40
Protection: 2
Hit: 9 (+1)
Attacks: 1 Laser Pistol
Damage: 2d6
Speed: 60'
Stage: Advanced
Size: 4’ tall
Defenses: E:7/M:10/R:8/S:8/T:7
Level: 4
"If you find our methods ruthless, it is because our needs are desperate!" 
The planet Cymradia is ruled by the Cymradian Brain-Lords. They are highly intelligent and technologically advanced humanoids standing around 4 feet tall, with massive heads. However, they are a dying race, looking for new bodies. They initiated Project: Survival in which they have been abducting and tested various humanoid species from throughout the galaxy, in search of the most durable and compatible bodies to serve as hosts to their minds. They have succeeded in both transferring their heads onto larger humanoid bodies, and transplanting their brains into humanoid skulls.
In addition to their advanced biological technology, the Brain Lords possessed ships capable of nearly instant intergalactic travel, tractor beams, teleportation devices, powerful ray guns, and equipment capable of monitoring all of their subjects vitals from interstellar distances.
Brain Lords never fail a Medicine or Science test, always succeeding in any attempt to understand and use even unfamiliar technology or treat unknown medical subjects. This mastery has allowed them to create marvels of science and genetics including (but not limited to) Synthopoids. Furthermore all Brain Lords are powerful psychics, able to hear the thoughts of others when the Brain Lord concentrates on them. The target needs to make a defense test for mind or risk being probed. This power also allows the Brain Lord to speak any language.

Uses in Atomic Age
Brain Lords make for excellent foes. However they need not by merely cackling villains. These villains make excellent merchants, arms dealers and purchasers of rare materials. The Brain Lords interest in test subjects and strange life-forms make them excellent benefactors and business contacts for clever (and morally suspect) adventurers.
In the Atomic Age setting, the Brain Lords are a minor nuisance. During the war with the Voltamen the Brain Lords acted as arms dealers, and even now are known primarily through criminal organizations. Politically, the Brain Lords have absolutely no interest in joining the United Planets, preferring to remain an outlaw species.

Stamina: 110
Protection: 8
Hit: 6 (+4)
Attacks: 2 Punch's or 1 weapon
Damage: 1d6+3 or weapon
Speed: 120'
Stage: Primitive
Size: 7’ tall
Defenses: E: 12/M:4/R: 9/S: 12/T: 12
Level: 10

The Brain Lords have built "Synthopoids" which are powerful creatures, standing about 7 feet tall, designed to perform physical labor. They are slaves to the telepathic signals of their creators having no real will of their own. The Brain Lords supply Synthopoids with whatever technological devices that they need to succeed in their efforts. Such devices typically include anti-gravity belts (treat as a jetpack but much smaller), invisibility drugs, and other marvels. Synthopoid skin is so tough that they have no need of clothing or footwear, and can even function in space without a suit as long as they have a supply of air.
The Brain Lords use Synthopoids as laborers, soldiers and all-around servants. Synthopoids have little sense of self, fearlessly obeying their masters without any real thought of self preservation.

Cymradia (Planet)
Cymradia is a planet covered with forests and swamps, and surrounded by purple mists in its atmosphere. It is home of Cymrad City, a massive technological marvel built by the Brain-Lords of Cymradia. They call it the "pearl of the cosmos." The planet is also home to tribes of the intelligent Arborotes, primitive humanoids with purple fur and prhensile tails, who live in the forests.
The forests and rivers of Cymradia are inhabited by many unusual species including pyro-spores (fiery worms) and large dinosaur like creatures, including the lizard-birds in the air and huge alligator and octopus-like creatures in the water. There are also huge insect-like creatures, including Spidrons, butterfly/moth-like creatures and giant dragonfly-like creatures.
Cymrad City is not known for its warmth or hospitality, but wealthy or otherwise useful visitors can find it a useful stop. The Brian Lords technology make it an appealing stop for those interested in advanced or black market technology. Also, the ecosystem of Cymradia is very appealing to botanists and big game hunters.

This article and the Atomic Age setting is using the Space Ryft RPG rules. It is an "old-School" style rpg that is fairly rules light and rather deadly. The Brain Lords, Synthopoids and the Planet of Cymradia first appeared in  Planet Comics #43 (July, 1946) and were featured in a story ark that continued for eleven more issues. 

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