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Arae: Divine Patrons (Kristi Kringle)

Kristi Kringle
St. Nicholas and Kristi Kringle
Alias: Christkind, Christkindl, Jezisek
Feast: December 6 or December 25
Symbols: Winged Child with Halo, Reindeer, Candle
Patronage: Children, The Poor, Candy, Laughter
Cleric Alignment: Chaotic Good or Neutral Good
Powers: Clerics are standard Good (Law) clerics. However as an added bonus Clerics of Kristi Kringle begins play with a figurine of wondrous power called the Deer of Jezisek (see below). Also, a Cleric of Kristi Kringle has a 5% chance per level of attracting the attentions of a Chaotic Good Putti (see below) which may or may not be a good thing depending upon the clerics behavior.
Favored Weapon: Weapons are abhorrent to Kristi Kringle, but if need-be a club or billhook can be used.
"And the child smiled on the Giant, and said to him, 'You let me play once in your garden, to-day you shall come with me to my garden, which is Paradise." -Oscar Wilde, The Selfish Giant
Kristi Kringle is an emissary of Heaven who is particularly active during the winter months when warmth and cheer are all the more needed. When manifested this angelic being appears as a pretty child of indistinct gender with long golden hair, wearing a white robe of beautiful design. Most encounters with Kristi Kringle usually begin with the spirit masquerading as a mortal child, whose divine nature is revealed over time. When fully manifested, Kristi Kringle shines with a glorious light and is clearly divine. In art Kristi Kringle is often depicted riding a deer laden with sweets and toys, or as a cherubic child. Kristi Kringle will often collaborate with Saint Nicholas in his journey on Christmas, and their clerics share a close relationship.
The basic doctrine of Kristi Kringle is deceptively simple; Love others through action. Don't merely say "I Love You" but show it through daily acts of kindness, and by embracing joy. Children are of particular interest to Kristi Kringle, who seeks to instill in them an understanding of God's all-encompassing love. Kindness to children, regardless of faith or race is a foundational teaching of Kristi Kringle. 
Clerics dedicated to Kristi Kringle are men and women who seem to embody joy and giving. Exuberant givers, quick to forgive and always ready with sweets or kind words. There is no particular raiment associated with Kristi Kringle, though clerics will typically wear their hair long and unbound. Winter gear is important to these clerics, as visiting the poor and children of devout families in the winter months is very important. Sweets of all kinds are frequently given out, and so many clerics of Kristi Kringle are skilled in candy making.
Halflings and Humans have the largest number of clerics dedicated to Kristi Kringle, as these two races have a particular love of children and childish merry-making. Both Elves and Dwarves prefer St. Nicholas and their own patrons of the Holiday Season. Strangely, Goblin converts have a large number of clerics dedicated to Kristi Kringle, whom they call Jezisek. Goblins dedicated to Jezisek are merry pranksters known to deliver sweets in secret, and coal to naughty children.

Deer of Jezisek:
This figurine of wondrous power (see B&T GMG page 218 for details) appears as a large and powerful Deer or Reindeer. Once activated this item/creature provides a speedy and enduring mount equal to that of a heavy horse in every way except appearance. The deer can travel for a maximum of one day each week, continuously or in any combination of periods totaling 24 hours. At this point, or when the command word is uttered, it returns to its statuette form for not less than one day before it can again be used.

Small Outsider, Neutral (CG), High Intelligence; Flutter (1d6)
HD: 3
AC: 16 [+1]
ATK: 1 arrow (1d4 or see below)
MV: 20 (Fly 40)
SV: F12 R11 W10
XP: 300 (CL 4)
Putti are mischievous outsiders related in some way to Angels, Archons and the Fey, though how this works is the subject of much debate amongst scholars and clerics. What is known is that they are fun-loving, (mostly) benign beings that fairly swarm in upper planar regions. In the mortal world they can sometimes be found disguised as mortal children, looking for the stodgy and stiff-necked to play pranks on. Putti appear as plump humanoid infants with pink skin and rosy cheeks and small white wings (clearly too small to allow them to fly, yet fly they do).
Putti in service to Kristi Kringle are sent into the mortal world on Christmas Eve, usually disguised as mortal children. In this guise they deliver toys and sweets to children. Though it is primarily for devout families, Putti are also known to give small treats to any children they encounter. Naughty children (and adventurers) are advised not to take advantage or seek to cheat a Putti out of its gifts.
Putti are armed with short bows and a quiver of 10 arrows. These arrows can be fired as normal shafts, or they can be used to deliver the putti's spell-like abilities. When used to deliver spells, roll damage (1d4) and apply this as a penalty on the victim's saving throw.
Spells: 3/day - Calm emotions, charm person, clairaudience/clairvoyance, confusion, light, rage, suggestion; 1/day - Charm monster, command, dimension door, dominate person, dream, ethereal jaunt, irresistible dance.
Special Qualities: Immune to fear, magic resistance (15%)

The Putti first appeared in The Land of Nod blog. I have changed them to Chaotic Good for this article, as in Arae most of them are servants of Kristi Kringle. 

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