Monday, December 30, 2013


Fairly recently, I became aware of this nifty little game supplement, DAGGER. Its an attempt by the talented folks over at Brave Halfling Publishing to make a Rules Light key to help present tabletop RPGs to kids (5 and up) without all of the character stats. In my opinion, this is an excellent resource for getting kids into the imaginative aspects of RPG's without intimidating them without too much math.
The DAGGER game is made to allow DM's to use the many published (and homebrew) RPG settings and adventure modules out there, regardless of editions, without any fuss. This way, you and your players can get right to the action and using their imaginations!
The initial rules allow for playing a small number of classes/races; Knight, Wizard, Elf, Dwarf, and Halfling, but can easily be adapted to allow other classes or races as desired. Both Wizards and Elves may cast spells, which include healing, so standard clerics ore not initially available.
Overall I think that this is a brilliantly simple game. I will be testing this system out on some friends kids and see how it does. I will post the games as they transpire.

A FREE black & white version of this game can be downloaded HERE. And a color version (for a mere $1.50) can be purchased HERE.

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