Thursday, April 24, 2014

Voidjammer: Tidbits

Due to a very busy work schedule, I have not had much time for posting additional material for Voidjammer. So instead, here are a few illustrations that should more than hint at future articles.

This is "The Wandering Nancy", a Barelo class Voidjamming vessel in my home campaign. These ships use Helms of Dwarf and Gnome design, and are sturdy workhorses of Wildpace

 A number of mechanical marvels can be found in the multiverso of Voidjammer. Some of them are even fully sentient members of the interplanetary community. Here we have a mechanical acolyte of Primus (Til All Are One), a strange deity who represents mathematics and order. 

The Xixchel are one of my favorite all-time critters from Spelljammer. And so I MUST bring them into Voidjammer. Here we have a Xixchel Leech reading up on an important subject.

The Goblins of Voidjammer are not the savage marauders of most other fantasy role-playing games. These humanoids have instead dedicated themselves to more civilized forms of wickedness. 

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