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Mythos Space: The Cruel Empire of Tsan-Chan

The Divine Hegemony of Tsan-Chan 
Aliases: The Hegemony, Terran Empire
Capital: Leng (China)
Area: Sol System, Kaiwan System, Nán Mén System, Tien-Kwan System
Government: Monarchy (Pan-Asian Fascism)
Population: 11,357,380,000 (Humans 70%, Deep Ones/Hybrids 10%, Tcho-Tcho 6%, Lengites 5%, Ophidians 6%, Other 3%)
Languages: Standard Chinese, English, Martian, Various Others
Alignment: Lawful Evil
"The more corrupt the state, the more it legislates." -Tacitus

The Hegemony of Tsan Chan is a massive pan-Asian Fascist government that is the ruling government of Earth and the Sol System.The Hegemony boasts a booming economy and a potent military. Though the ruling caste of the Hegemony revels in opulence and prestige, it rests upon the backs of vast numbers of the poor and desperate. The Hegemony condones all manner of evils in pursuit of technological and arcane mastery, and in the acquisition of increased holdings across time and space. However despite this and other horrible practices, the Hegemony may be Humanity's best hope.

The Hegemony grew out of Eastasia Collective after the cataclysmic events following the rising of R'lyeh, after which Eastasia was the only in-tact government and possessed the largest viable holdings on Earth. As the war resulted in a highly polluted and devastated world, the majority of the planet is home only to toxic mutants and shabby towns here and there. There is occasionally rebellions of note, but all are quickly subdued by Hegemony troops. 
The Hegemony is an Imperial Fascist government, with a Supreme Chairman as the ruling leader, and a dizzying array of politicians, advisers and administrative officials that results in a nightmarish bureaucracy. Corporations hold high-regard in the Hegemony, with all within the noble caste having executive rank within a corporation.
Notes: As far as the game world is concerned, The Cruel Empire of Tsan-Chan is a classic "Evil Empire" of Space Nazis, with an Asian flair. This is a Hollywood style Asia, with a liberal mishmash of Asian cultures. This could be because China swallowed up most of Asian long before R'lyeh rose, but generally because I just wanted elements I thought were cool.


Corporations are much like nation-states, ruled by a largely hereditary caste of executive nobles. Many of these are like the tyrannical mega-corporations from the Alien franchise, but some will be decently modeled after a Hollywood-style Asian court. Corporate mercenaries form the majority of police or military duties. Some corporations;
Apex Holding: A vast banking firm of considerable importance to the Hegemony.
Ahu-Y'hloa Chemosoft: A Deep One run corporation that specializes in biotech, implants and Boojum breeding. 
Cai Shen Intersolar: A corporation specializing in mercenary troops.
Houtu Colonial Enterprises: Terraformers as well as a mining company of great wealth.
K'n-Yan Pharmaceuticals: A powerful corporation owned and run by the Kuen-Yuin Sorcerers. 

The Hegemony boasts a very high level of technological achievement. Spaceships, orbital cities, robots, etc are all regular sights. However most citizens of the Hegemony do not have access to the high-end gadgets, instead using cobbled-together and simpler versions of high technology. The end result defaults to a 1950's level of technology for the average joe, with higher tech being the inventions of mad science or otherwise very expensive. 
Computer technology is very advanced, but there is nothing like an internet (especially a free internet). Computers are networked, but such interfaces are handled by robots rather than people. This could be because certain hostile entities have a relatively easy time getting into C-space through computer technologies (thats why so many robots become homicidal).
Metaphysical research is a boom industry in Tsan-Chan. Strange and forbidden mathematics, exploration of Hyperspace and the development and use of psychic powers are all energetically pursued. The 'Deathless' Kuen-Yuin warrior-monks and the Ophidians are particularly valuable to the Hegemony and many corporations due to their familiarity with eldritch skillsets.

Mankind shares the universe with many strange and non-human beings. Aliens are known to exist, and some maintain a trading relationship with humanity. However ALL aliens are very strange and difficult to understand. Some appear to human thinking to be completely insane, and so are best avoided. Ab-Humans are beings with a kinship of some kind with humankind. I will be detailing player character races in a future post. A number of fairly common Ab-Humans are; 
ANDROIDS: Androids are a cut above the workaday robot that are almost everywhere in long-settled regions. Androids think, feel and have lives all their own. Some androids are reborn humans, with human brains in their metal shells, others are completely mechanical in origin, owing their minds to fearsomely complex mathematics.
DEEP ONES (GILLIES): This race of amphibious humanoids has proven to be surprisingly loyal and useful ally to mankind. Masters of bioengineering, and capable of surviving in extreme environments has made these creatures excellent in space and among the colonies. Though still of an alien mindset, Deep One Hybrids (more on them soon) are much valued as a bridge between species.
LENGITES: This goat-like race of near-men were originally engineered by the dreaded Moon Beasts, but many of them now live among mankind. Even though they are tolerated, they are relegated to the lowest social order, generally working as grunt-laborers and as thugs.
OPHIDIANS: The Ophidian Serpent people (and related subspecies) are an ancient, sorceress race that dwelt upon the Earth in ancient times, dating back to lost Valusia. Now they are allies and advisors to the Tsan-Chan Hegemony. It is said that the bloodline of the Supreme Leader of the Tsan-Chan Hegemony has some serpent blood, though this is a dangerous rumor to spread. 
TCHO-TCHO: This race of beings are an ancient line of human/alien crossbreeds. These  hairless, pseudo-Asiatic cannibals are deeply versed in psychic powers and hyperspace "sorcery" and so are deeply valued by the Hegemony and Corporations. Just don't order the "bak bon dzhow"...
OTHER ALIENS: There are all manner of strange alien beings "out there", most of whom are dreadfully hostile. A distressingly large number of these beings seem more interested in torturing, eating and/or raping humans than talking to us. So shoot first is a good rule of thumb.

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