Saturday, March 14, 2015

Atomic Dawn: Tin Hat Detective Agency

Been a long time since I posted anything for Mutant Future. But as I love a bit of gonzo post-apocalypse gaming, here is a group set in my home campaign of Atomic Dawn:

The Tin Hat Detective Agency is a private organization of Bounty Hunters that operates out of the Alamo Empire. These hired guns track down and captures fugitives for a monetary reward (bounty). Other names, mainly used in the Alamo Empire, include bail enforcement agent and fugitive recovery agent. The Tin Hats do not restrict their operations to within The Empire, but can be found in anywhere, generally hunting for some convict.
Requirements: Tin Hats can be Androids or Pure Humans, with the possible inclusion of Canisoids or Homo Erectus (Mutant Lords discrecion).
Special Traits: Law-enforcement powers, +1 to hit and damage in ranged combat.
Starting Gear: Badge, Revolver, Ammo Belt (50 bullets), Ballistic Nylon armor, Leather Duster, Steed*.

Tin Hats need to get around, and so are initially equipped with a mount. Horses and Motorcycles are detailed in Mutant Future, but the others can be found here. All come with a basic saddle.
Saddle up!
Roll Random
D6 Result
1 Rosiesteed (Yellow Rose that-is)
2 Bloat (mutant fat-guys)
3 Red Dog
4 Horse
5 Jackalope
6 Motorcycle

The Tin Hats are an excellent way to get a group together for adventure without dealing with the hows and the whys of getting the party together. The characters are teamed up by the agency, and thats that. Being a Tin Hat has many perks, but will get the PC's into trouble (as though they need help doing that). It is also a good way to get the players to explore the many weird places to find across the map.
For a Tin Hat campaign, the player characters need to be Androids or Pure Humans, as the Alamo Empire does not do business with mutants. The only possible exception for this are Canisoids and Homo Erectus. Such non-humans are seen as either valuable servants (canisoids) or wretches in need of charity (H. Erectus). The rules for playing such creatures are below.

Canisoid (dog-men)
Hit Dice: 1d6 per point of CON
Mutations: Control light waves, fragrance development, increased sense (hearing), natural weapons (2 claws = 1d4 eh, bite = 2d4); 1d4 mental
Canisoids are humanoid mutant canines. They vary widely in fur color, but browns and blacks, or some patterned combination, are most common. Like their canine ancestors, Canisoids live and hunt in packs and are extremely loyal and protective if befriended. Within the empire, Canisoids have a special status. Though still mutants, Canisoids are seen as loyal companions and servants of mankind, and are seen as invaluable allies against the "greater mutant threat". The Emperor himself keeps canisoid troops in his palace(s) and as personal bodyguards to his family.

Homo Erectus (cavemen)
Hit Dice: 1d8 per point of CON
Mutations: none
These cousins to humans were originally “created” by the ancestral form abilities of the dreaded Brain Lashers. Within the Empire, H. Erectus are seen as living reminders of the dangers of mutant kind, and so are tolerated. They are used primarily as the lowest fort of grunt laborer, but also find work as minor craftsmen, soldiers and leg breakers. They often are assumed to be brutish, due to their very large brow ridge, receding chins, stocky build (+4 STR and +2 CON), smaller brains (INT rolled at 2d6) and primitive lifestyle. Homo erectus typically use primitive weapons (spears and knives with stone blades or fire-harden tips), and their innate superstition makes the fearful of any unnaturally moving (or nosy) technology or machinery.

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