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Mythos Space: Bai Hu Sector

The Bai Hu (White Tiger) Reach is a region of space on the frontier of the Tsan Chan Empire. It is a wild sector rich in resources and rife with remnants of Old One technology and ruins. As the Empire is engaged in its own conflicts elsewhere (primarily with the Great Race of Yith), this region is largely ignored by the Empire so far.
The corporate colonies along with the tramp freighters so common in this sector have a strong independent streak and generally resent overt Imperial control. Space Patrol and local militias keep the peace, and a large number of small "experimental" communities can be found here. As long as they pay their taxes (and bribes) and dont kick up too much of a fuss, the Empire does not care.
Notable Star System on the above map are:

Sol (The Sun)
Sol is the star of our own Solar System and the seat of the mighty Tsan-Chan Empire. From here a steady stream of mining and cargo ships come as far as Kaiwan and Urizen to pick up raw and processed goods and to otherwise trade with colonists and aliens.

Ori (Betelgeuse)
This tired old star is an early colony spot from the days or earliest expansion. The system is composed mostly of a large asteroid field with a subterranean colony on its single (ceres sized) planetoid. Though this was once a great mining system, nowadays it is mostly home to reclusive communities that keep to themselves (space hillbillies).

Kaiwan (Aldebaran)
This system is a major trade hub for this sector and a favored jumping off point for ships heading out to Bullseye and Wu Ju. The single planet Skarl has its own atmosphere and a large spaceport/city that is overgrown and renowned as a fleshpot and decadent pleasure port. Orbital repair facilities and the sale of refurbished starships are major industries here.

Urizen (HD 24496)
This binary star system has a gas giant with 20 moons. Three of the moons; Eleth, Uveth, and Ona all have colonies, though only Ona has its own breathable atmosphere (though with lighter gravity). The Urizen system hosts a number of Arkhamer research sites exploring strange energies and select Hyperspace technologies.

Tseih She (Algol)
This trinary star system is home to a small Elderian colony that mostly keeps to themselves. Little is known of the system beyond a single planet that may by artificial. Some trade does exist between the Elderians and Tramp Freighters, but nothing large scale.

Wǔ Ju (Beta Tauri)
This double star system is home to a single desert planet called Elnath. This planet has a thin, but breathable atmosphere and hosts a single Arkhamer town/research center. The closeness of the Crab Nebula makes the sky here particularly beautiful, with particularly powerful psychics and Saturnian Cats claim the storms of the Nebula are somehow alive.

Zaoth (Delta Tauri)
This system is actually a cluster of three star systems comprised of a total of seven stars. Despite the abundance of radiation, there is at least one planet to be found here. This planet (Abbith) is controlled by the MiGo and ruled by a society of cyborgs who maintain a vast library. Other species are said to dwell here as well, hosts to the Metal Brains of Zaoth. Elderians, Nug-Soth Insectoids, MiGo and Yithians are all confirmed to dwell here.

Bullseye (Epsilon Tauri)
The Bullseye System circles an Orange Giant star and hosts a large number of rocky moons and a Gas Giant planet. This system is rich in natural resources and has several habitable worlds, and so is quite valuable. Ruins once belonging to the Shaggai race and other beings are to be found here. The gas giant (Demhe) is a prime breeding site for Boojum and a number of hyperspatial species can be found on the many moonlets of this system.

Chakumuy (Theta Tauri)
This double star system is host to a large number of asteroids. Its sole space habitat (Baktun Station) is a rough frontier town ideal for miners, miscreants and criminals. It is rich however, and is a state of the art facility with its own defence fleet (The Black Fleet).

Tien-Kwan (Zeta Tauri)
This binary star system is highly unstable, but is host to a large artifact of unknown origin called simply "The Celestial Gate" by Kuen Yuin sorcerers. An Imperial research outpost is to be found here and takes a dim view of interlopers of any kind.

This material is using the Grit and Vigor roleplaying Game by John Stater. John has been kind enough to allow me to see the playtest version of the rules, and this gives me more than enough to begin work on the Dark Space setting. 

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