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Dreamlands: Headless Men

Bhlemphroims (Acephali)
A Blemphroim village in the Cairn Hills
Medium Humanoid, Neutral (CN), Low Intelligence; Band (1d10)*
HD 1+1
AC 12 (natural)
Atk 1 weapon or 1 bite (1d4)
MV: 30ft
SV: F 13, R 15, W 15
XP 15 (CL 1)

"Especially was it unwise to rave of the living things that might haunt such a place; of creatures half of the jungle and half of the impiously aged city—fabulous creatures which even a Pliny might describe with scepticism;" -H.P. Lovecraft, Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family
Bhlemphroims (also called Acephali or Blemmyes) are a race of headless men and women who have their faces in their chests. They have eyes, mouths and noses in their chests, but are without ears and thus deaf. They live in small bands of 20 to 40 individuals, living by hunting and gathering. They are known to eat sentient humanoids, so one must take care when interacting with them.
The Bhlemphroims come from the distant planet Cykranosh but now occupy a considerable region along the borders of Sydathria and Mnar, but can be found in any warm mountainous land. Bhlemphroim slaves and mercenaries are a frequent sight in the Dreamlands, though they are not widely liked. The weird appearance and coarse manners of these headless folk disturb many city-dwellers, but they have some camaraderie amongst rough laborers and street toughs. All Bhlemphroims are foodies, taking great interest and delight in the preparation and sampling of elaborate and varied foods. Because of this, Bhlemphroims cooks are highly sought after though rumors of strange meat is always a concern.

Bhlemphroim characters modify their starting scores as follows: +1 Con, -1 Cha. They have a base land speed of 30ft and have a bite attack that deals 1d4 damage. Bhlemphroim are deaf and so are immune to sonic attacks, but are surprised on a roll of 1-3 on 1d6. Bhlemphroim spellcasters suffer no spell failure risk due to deafness. Bhlemphroims have a natural AC of 12 due to their tough skin. Bhlemphroim cannot wear any armor, but can use shields. Bhlemphroims can speak Blemish and Common. Bonus languages are typically Sarnathi, Ghoulish, and Khemite. Blemmyes can advance as Barbarians, Clerics, Fighters, Rangers, Sorcerers and Thieves. They can multi-class as barbarian/clerics, barbarian/sorcerers and sorcerer/thieves.
Grit and Vigor: Bhlemphroims can speak Blemish and Standard Chinese. Bonus languages are typically Akkadian, English, and Martian. Bhlemphroims can advance as Fighting Men and Rogues.

Bhlemphroims make for an excellent alien race. These creatures share ancestors with man, they have been bred into their present form through the efforts of an ancient alien race (possibly rogue Elderians) or possibly one or more of the various Great Old Ones such as Atlach-Nacha and Tsathoggua. Some cults dedicated to these Great Old Ones are still in existence amongst the lower castes, and are called Ydheems.
The Cruel Empire of Tsan-Chan officially recognizes the Bhlemphroims as sentient creatures and distant kin to humanity. However in practice, these creatures are treated as second-class citizens and delegated to the lowest types of jobs. Many Bhlemphroims work as grunt laborers, thugs and soldiers for corporations.

These rules are made for use with the Blood and Treasure RPG by John Stater. These creatures are also excellent for the up-and-coming Grit and Vigor RPG.

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