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Changeling The Dreaming: HOUSE PLEIADES

“It was a star," Mrs. Whatsit said sadly. "A star giving up its life in battle with the Thing. It won, oh, yes, my children, it won. But it lost its life in the winning.” -Madeleine L'Engle, A Wrinkle in Time
Symbol: Seven Pointed Star (Faerie Star or Elven Star)
Legends connecting the Fae with the stars are widespread across many cultures. House Pleiades is a house that since the early days of the Sundering allied themselves with the Stellar Incarnae of the Pleiades star cluster, gaining great allies with these strange beings. Mater Pleione, the founder of the house,  left the Mortal Realm in the early days of the Sundering to found the Realm of Seven Stars in the Dreaming Aether. There, she and her daughters created a mighty realm away from the politics of Arcadia.
And so in the grim days of the Shattering and the long Interregnum House Pleiades kept to its own Realms and the Stellar Trods across the Aether. The True Fae amongst them either retreated into the stellar abodes of the stars they served or took to the Changeling Way. There along with their kinain followers this house developed mighty magics and Aether Ships to maintain their Realm. And there they waged many battles with Nightmare Chimera and Dark Fae, dark shadows between the stars.
Before the Sundering, Mater Pleione was the consort of the Titan Atlas (a Fomorian of great power), and so members of this house are not trusted by most other houses. Thought the Autumn World was cut off from the "Fleet of Stars" these Fae and their kinain consors established bases nearby on the Dreaming aspect of Venus, Europa, Jupiter and the Otherworlds of Vulcan and the Hollow Earth.
Stellar Incarnae
The Stellar Incarnae that they serve are beings of light, and so anything that catches and enhances light is favored by members of this house. So bright colors, prisms and other crystal patterns are common in their designs and personal adornment. Older members of this house prefer flowing robes or cloaks, flowing hair and garments that allow movement. It is said that the persistent Crystal Spires and Togas theme found in so much of science fiction can be linked to this house.
Since the Return, House Pleiads has sought to reconnect with its Earthbound Fae relations, but has little use for squabbles between Sidhe and Commoner. This house prefers to be allied with forward thinking fae such as House Dougal,  Nocker Aethernauts, Krofted Inanime (Solimond and Undine in particular) and similarly adaptable fae. In their mortal lives, House Pleiades Sidhe are stargazers, Astronomers, Astrologers and anything else that deals with the nightime sky and the stars.
Boon: Nobles of House Pleiads may see clearly in pitch darkness. A chimerical crown of pale silver light shines from her brow while this power is in use. The character must state when this Boon is in effect, but it requires no roll or expenditure. The character suffers no difficulty or dice-pool penalties from darkness. House Pleiads fae gain Remembrance 3 and cannot botch Kenning or Gamarye rolls. House Pleiades fae may learn the Spirit Link Art without joining a Nunehi nation, as they already have patrons in the spirit world.
Ban: Members of of House Pleiads are all servants of the Seven Sisters, and as such are subject to the desires of these powerful beings. At any point one of these patron spirits may ask a favor of the character, which comes via a spirit servant of the Incarna, usually in a dream. Members of this house are bound to obey this summons unless forcibly restrained. Furthermore, members of this house attract the attention of Nightmare Chimera and related Spirits such as Banes (Chimera and Spirits are the same thing in my campaigns), and will always be the favored target of such creatures.

In the days leading up to the Shattering, House Pleiads brought kinain and enchanted mortal followers into the Dreaming, creating homesteads in the Aether (Dream Space). These colonies were placed on distant planets (asteroids, moons, etc) that are reached through the Dreaming using Star
A Scout Ship docking at a Star Colony
Trods. As with all Dream Realms these are worlds in their own right, and have both a physical and Dreaming portion, just as Earth does. The Stellar Colonies placed on these worlds were composed of enchanted mortals, a kinain ruling caste and a few Changelings to start out. All initially in allegiance to the True Fae Firstborn who planted them there.
During the days after the Shattering, these colonies were cut off from Earth, and had to fend for themselves against Nightmare Chimera and wicked Fae. Many times, these colonies have developed their own cultures, partly based on their origins and part on the strange environment. These colonies are also home to imported Earth animals, Inanimae and all manner of strange chimers, from aliens of every description to chimerical robots. A small number of True Fae can be found in the colonies, but they are very rare away from the Pleiades Star Cluster.
Nowadays, Most of these colonies resemble Greek or Roman cultures with some Central and South American elements mixed in. The overall effect is reminiscent of the images of Atlantis found in art and folklore. Despite the presence of Romanesque architecture and toga-wearing locals, technology is advanced, making use of weird elements and magic for its construction and power sources.

I will be posting on the Dreaming Aether very soon.

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