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Changeling The Dreaming: The Kinain

A Kinain is a mortal that possesses faerie blood, but is not a full Changeling. Kinain are usually born of a Changeling and a mortal or two Changelings. About 15-20% of those with one Changeling parent are Changelings themselves, while about 40-50% of the children of two Changeling parents are Changelings as well. The rest are Kinain.
Some Kinain are marked with unusual traits by their Faerie Blood that depend on their heritage ( a descendant of a satyr is hairy and social, while a descendant of a Boggan is short and usually works with his hands). Many also have strange abilities also known as Fae Gifts, some of which can be controlled and others that are wild and unpredictable. Some go through life completely unaware of their Fae natures, and others are taken by the Kithain into Fae society, making them a valuable part of the Changeling community.
Their Fae-like nature makes them also competent sources of Glamour, something that some Changelings exploit by ravaging them. One advantage of this is that Kinain are immune to the pains of Cold Iron or Bedlam, but instead always carry the danger of becoming Dream-struck.
Use of this material requires the Changeling The Dreaming Rulebook. Its a great game, check it out!

Among mortals, Kinain stand out as otherworldly persons and are drawn to professions that allow them to take advantage of this, such as stage magicians, musicians, fortune tellers and similar.
Though most kinain are mixed in to the general populace, a number of family lines, clans and cultures have anough Changelings and thus Kinain to be distinct. These families are usually fringe people, living in odd locations, or otherwise slipping through the cracks so as to avoid trouble. A few such groups are: 
Urmen (Romani Gypsies): The Urmen Clan is a clan of Romany that is considered to be mysterious even by the standards of the Rom, and are widely known as seers and magicians of great skill. Also calling themselves the "Minions of the Moon" or the "Servants of Alako", have a strong streak of Eshu blood with those of the Satyr kith as a large minority. Urmen are a small and widespread clan in the Mortal World, preferring wilderness areas and remote locales. 
House Merinita (Hermetic Mages): House Merinita is a chapter of the legendary Order of Hermes, an ancient order of Mortal wizards. House Merinita consists entirely of kinain (all kiths), and has long been a staunch ally of the Fae. Members of this house are focused on the research and practice of Fae Arts and have been close allies with the Fae since ancient times.Membership requires high rankings in Faerie Blood (rank 3+), Fae Sight and at least one dot in a Fae Art and Realm.  
The Star Nation of Tau Ceti (Otherworlds): These Kinain (called the Cetians) are descendants of Sidhe kinian who were long ago brought to the Dreaming aspect of the Tau Ceti star system, but are now fairly widespread across the Aether. They possess a "Roman" sense of style and culture, favoring togas and skirts. The Cetian kinain are all of ancient Sidhe stock, though a number also possess Troll blood as well. (More on Dreaming Space in the very near future...).

Note: I will be posting more in the near future regarding kinain families and groups, as well as material on the Dreaming and Fae civilization.

Kinain are required much like Changelings, but with the following changes. See Changeling The Dreaming 2nd Edition for details.
Choose character concept, Legacy, Seeming, and Heritage (what Kith you're related to)
Select Attributes: 6/4/3
Select Abilities: 11/7/4
Select Advantages: Backgrounds (5), Fae Gifts (5) (Also based on Faerie Blood)
Finishing Touches: Record Beginning Glamour, WP, and Banality
Childling: Glamour (4), Willpower (1), Banality (2)
Wilder: Glamour (3), Willpower (3), Banality (4)
Grump: Glamour (2), Willpower (5), Banality (6)
Spend Freebie (21)

Attributes (5 pts per dot)
Abilities (2 pts per dot)
Glamour (3 pts per dot)
Arts (5 pts per dot)
Realms (3 pts per dot)
Backgrounds (1 pts per dot)
Willpower (1 pts per dot)

Faerie Blood (Background)
This background represents the extent to which the kinain has been exposed to the realms of faerie. This does not necessarily mean that the character has fae blood, but can represent time spent in faerie, or in the presence or fae. A kinains glamour cannot exceed his or her rank in this background.  
O Mortal.
• A drop of power, an odd person.
•• An otherworldly person, seen as odd but intriguing.
••• Clearly unusual, seems more dramatic than most.
•••• The center of attention, and a magnet of much adventure.
••••• As close to being a true faerie as a mortal can become.

Feth Fiada/Mist Veil (Background)
The Mists protect your normal actions as they do any other Changeling. This background raises the difficulties of mortals to track or notice the kinain. 
* You are not easy to remember by most, but some may recall some features about you
** You are a little harder to remember, and blend in to the crowd.
*** You will not be remembered, but it will bother those who are trying ot remember you a little bit.
**** You will not be remembered, and it will not bother the person who is trying to remember you.
***** You are a leaf on the wind. A ghost in the night. No one in the area will recall seeing you.

Fae Gifts
These gifts may be purchased at the posted price with Fae Gift points (5) and with Freebie points.

An-da-shealladh/Fae Sight (2 point Fae Gift): You can see and hear into faerie realms, without the need for being enchanted. The character cannot necessarily touch faerie creatures because he can see them though.

The Bardic Gift (1-5 point Fae Gift)
The kinain has a supernatural skill with entertainment. This can take the form of acting, music, storytelling or something similar.
*  Strain of Soothing: Charisma + (Performance or Persuasion) diff 7, all social roll difficulties in     the area are reduced by one.
** Strain of Laughter: Manipulation + (Performance, Expression, Persuasion or Subterfuge) Diff 8,     paralyze your audience with laughter for turns equal to the successes.
*** Strain of Sorrow: Manipulation + (Performance, Expression, Persuasion, or Subterfuge) Diff 8, get your target's sympathy and tears for a number of turns equal to the successes.
****  Strain of Slumber: Charisma + (Performance, Expression, or Persuasion) with the diff being the  target's WP can put them to sleep for a number of minutes equal to the successes rolled.
*****  Strain of Truth: Charisma + (Performance, Expression, or Persuasion) diff 9 can convince an  audience that you are telling the truth. 4 or more successes gains you Rapture; roll Charisma + the     same Ability again and each success gains you a point of Glamour. A botch on the first roll gains     you a point of temp Banality.

Fith-Fath/Invisibility (1-5 point Faerie Gift): Spend one Glamour and roll your Fith-Fath rating against the diff of the highest banality in the area. Each success hides you for a turn. Per+Kenning can detect it at a Diff 4.

Honored Birthright (5 point Fae Gift): You gain the Birthrights of your related Kith. Note - if you have two bloods, you can only use one of your Legacy's Birthrights.

Instinct (1-5 point Fae Gift)
This talent is a form of 'sixth sense' that adds to any rolls regarding the character's personal safety. Even when a character has no normal way to detect a danger, one with an Instinct rating has a chance to detect it. In such cases, Instinct + Perception could be rolled (diff 8). Results can range from the character getting a funny feeling about a person who means to jump them in the alley once they've cashed their check to not wanting to start a car wired to explode. A character's Instinct score should be added to init rolls in combat scenes as well (Instinct+Wits+Alertness).
This Affinity only works in regard to the character herself and is not added to rolls where the character is not in any personal danger.
*     Novice: You generally have an umbrella with you when it rains.
**     Practiced: You never get cold-cocked in a fight.
***     Competent: Good private eye material.
****     Expert: You never answer the phone when a creditor calls.
*****     Master: Jungle predators could learn from you.

Luck (1-5 point Fae Gift)
This talent enables the character to add an extra die or two to a dice pool when she decides things look really bad. However, each Luck die can be used only once per story. So, if the character has three points of Luck she might use one point (die) early on to help win at gambling, but then she only has two Luck dice to use when she's confronted by three angry bouncers at the club. Note: This does not give you automatic successes, only extra dice to add to pools. In game terms, Luck dice can only be used once every three real life days. Luck dice can be used even in skills that the character has no talent in. For example, a Kinain with absolutely no throwing ability could roll her dex + 3 luck die (if she has 'em) to hit a moving target with a big rock and pull a David and Goliath and impress all her friends.
*    Novice: You find pennies on sidewalks.
**    Practiced: You can always find a parking spot.
***    Competent: You would have been kicked off the Titanic before it set sail.
****    Expert: You've been thrown out of a lot of casinos.
*****    Master: Compared to you, James Bond is one unlucky guy.

Nine Lives (4 point Fae Gift): Chimerical Death affects you as if you only have a Banality of 1. It can only be used nine times during a chronicle. Automatically in use.
Restricted: Have a viable reason why your character would have this or it will be rejected.

Parted Mists (5 point Fae Gift): The Mists don't affect you. You remember everything while enchanted. Automatically in use.

Riastradh/Berserker (5 point Fae Gift): Spend a point of Glamour and you gain two battle dice to apply to all of your Chimerical combat rolls. You MUST attack with a Chimerical weapon or attack for this to occur.

The Second Sight (1-5 point Fae Gift)
The Kinain has the "gift" of prophecy allowing him or her to have visions of the future.
Roll Perception + Second Sight, diff 8
*    Novice: The character can see up to one month into the past and two weeks into the future.
**    Practiced: The character can see up to one year into the past and six months into the future.
***    Competent: The character can see up to ten years into the past and five years into the future.
****    Expert: The character can see up to a hundred years into the past and fifty years into the future.
*****    Master: The character can see any point in the past or future, though the difficulty for anything beyond a hundred years past and fifty years forward is 10.

Spearman's Shield (1-5 point Faerie Gift): Get an additional soak die (based on your rating in this Gift) when you soak against Chimerical Damage only.

Taghairm/Shadow-Tongue (2 point Faerie Gift): You can hear and speak to the Dead, and they can hear you. Automatically in use.

Taibhsear/Dead Eyes (1 point Fae Gift): You can see ghosts. Automatically in use.

Weakened Mists (1-3 point Fae Gift): Subtract this rating from your Banality to remember what happened during the Mists.

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