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Space 1889: Aerial Vessels

The setting of Space 1889 wouldn't be the same without flying ships. In setting, these ships completely changed the outcome of numerous wars and skirmishes across the globe, and are supplying a greater rate of trade across numerous worlds. Once Britain and other world powers realized the potential of liftwood, the scramble to control this wondrous substance is an underlying theme throughout the setting.
Below are the vessels originally printed in the Space 1889 RPG, with stats for use with the Grit and Vigor RPG by John Stater.

Aerial Vessels and Combat
Aerial flyers, also called aerial gunboats or just flyers, are armed vessels held aloft by liftwood panels. liftwood is a tree native to the Martian highlands with unique anti-gravity properties. Aerial Vessel combat is handled as per the rules of Dogfights on page 78 of the Grit & Vigor rule-book. Vessels which can carry adventurers through the air of the differing worlds include:

British Steam Launch 
Gargantuan Construct
HD 30 (150 hp)
AC 12 (DR 5)
SPD 30
Climb 150
Ceiling 17,000
MVR +2
CP 4/8
WT 50 tons
ARM 1 x heavy mg.
This is a small craft is popular with exploratory missions and adventurers. This vessel is quite popular among civilian and military, and can be found almost anywhere with only minor modifications. Though originally built by the British, American, French, German and Italian versions of this craft are common. It has accommodations for eight (4 crew, 4 passengers), and space for 5 tons of cargo and 20 tons of coal (40 days at cruising speed). Its armaments consist of a single Hotchkiss 5-Barrel Revolving Cannon* in the bow. Price: $4840.00
*Hotchkiss 5-Barrel Revolving Cannon: CAL 146, DMG 7d6, ROF 5, SHOTS 10 (Magazine), RNG 6000 ft., WT 200 lb

British APHID Class Aerial Gunboat 
Colossal Construct
HD 80 (400 hp)
AC 9 (DR 10)
SPD 14
Climb 150
Ceiling 17,000
MVR -1
CP 15/0
WT 160 tons
ARM 1 x 4” gun, 2 x 4” guns, 2 x  heavy mg.
This is the smallest aerial gunboat in British service, and is also the most common. Each of these carries a crew of 15 and has an 20 days worth of fuel. It is armed with a 4-inch gun, two 5-Barrel Revolving Cannons*, and two 5-barrel might machine-guns. Price: None are for sale, but they cost the Royal Navy $23,220.00
*Hotchkiss 5-Barrel Revolving Cannon: CAL 146, DMG 7d6, ROF 5, SHOTS 10 (Magazine), RNG 6000 ft., WT 200 lb

Colossal Construct
HD 60 (300 hp)
AC 2 (DR 2)
SPD 70
Climb 150
Ceiling 17,000
MVR -4
CP 35/100
WT 200
ARM Varies
Developed by the Germans but widely sold to powers which do not have reliable access to a supply of liftwood, the Zeppelin is a rigid airship held aloft by hydrogen. The Zeppelin has 20 days worth of fuel but burns only gasoline in its engines, and thus it can only refuel at German airship bases. Price: $20,000.00
Notes: When an airship (Zeppelin) is struck in combat, it must pass a saving throw or be punctured, losing altitude at its rate of climb.

Martian Cloudships
The Martians have been building cloudships for hundreds of years, although their design has changed little until quite recently. Most cloudships have traditionally been "kites", large sail-powered vessels which are fast but dependent on the wind for propulsion.

Martian Small Screw Galley 
Colossal Construct
HD 60 (300 hp)
AC 2 (DR 5)
SPD 60 mph
Climb 150
Ceiling 17,000
MVR +3
CP 15/20
WT 200 tons
ARM 1x cannon, 2 x sweepers (treat as a blunderbuss)
Various small dispatch vessels and gunboats are used by Martian principalities: The Small Bird class is typical. It has a crew of less than 20 but carries substantial armament for its size. Unarmored small screw galleys are generally faster than the Small Bird.
Price: $10,000.00 to $15,000.00

Martian Large Screw Galley
Super-Colossal Construct
HD 98 (495 hp)
AC 2 (DR 5)
SPD 50 mph
Climb 150
Ceiling 17,000
MVR +2
CP 60/0
WT 700 tons
ARM Ram (3d8), 2 x cannons, 1 x cannon perrier, 1 basilisk, 2 x bastard cannons.
Hullcutter Class screw galleys are typical of this size and type of vessel. They have a crew of 60 and are equipped with a ram bow and heavy ordinance. Price: $50,000.00+

Martian Small War Kite 
Colossal Construct
HD 70 (350 hp)
AC 5 (DR 5)
SPD 35 mph
Climb 90
Ceiling 14,000
MVR +1
CP 10/
WT 100 tons
ARM 2 x cannon royal
These small aerial sailing vessels carry a crew of 10. Price: $800.00

Martian Large War Kite 
Super Colossal Construct
HD 97 (485 hp)
AC 2 (DR 8)
SPD 24 mph
Climb 90
Ceiling 14,000
MVR +2
CP 40/0
WT 700 tons
ARM 1 x basilisk, 4 x cannon royal, 2 rockets (1-4"), 2 fire dispensers (treat as gelignite dispensers).
These powerful sailing vessels weigh up to 700 tons and have a crew of 40. They are equipped with a ram bow and heavy ordinance. Price: $60,000.00

Martian Merchant Kite
Tremendous Construct
HD 100 (500 hp)
AC 2
SPD 20
Climb 150
Ceiling 17,000
MVR -5
CP 50/0
WT 2000+ tons
ARM Varies
Merchant kites are quite large, usually upwards of 2000 tons. They require a crew of about 50 to operate the complicated rigging, and carry 1000 to 2000 tons of cargo. Price: $100,000.00

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