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Mythos Space: Arms and Equipment Pt 1

From Hydra Miniatures
The tools of the adventurers trade are many, the chief of which is pluck, grit and a will to succeed and survive. However the importance of good gear, especially weapons, cannot go understated.
The universe of Mythos Space Campaign Setting is a dangerous one, with Eldritch Abominations, the hazards of space and old fashioned evil, stupid and indifferent people can get a character killed in short order without the proper equipment. And so I will be detailing some special equipment suitable for most space adventurers.
Right now I am focusing on Weapons and Power Sources. But in the weeks to come I will be detailing some select Gadgets, Gizmos, Vehicles and Robots. So stay tuned!

The following weapons and equipment are generally available in the Mythos Space Campaign Setting. For a description of what these statistics mean, see Chapter 3 of the Grit and Vigor Roleplaying Game by John Stater. Generally, most would-be adventurers use the same weapons and equipment as found in earlier eras, and so can be purchased as found in the weapons and equipment found in Grit and Vigor. This is mostly because such items are fairly cheap and easy to manufacture on colony worlds. The high-tech goodies found below are the nifty gadgets that wealthy adventurers, law enforcement and the more successful criminals have access to.
All of the weapons and armor listed in the gamebook are available on most worlds (pending local laws and tech levels).

These are all high tech versions on primitive weapons. All require a power source.

Energy Baton: When this baton hits an opponent, it emits a high-voltage charge. The energy damage will not penetrate a force screen. This weapon does 2d6+15 points of damage, and each hit counts as a discharge. Cost: $120.00, Damage: 2d6+15, Weight: 5lbs, Power Source: Beltpack or backpack.
Stun Baton: This appears to be a metal baton that emits an energetic glow and subtle hum when activated. The baton, when it hits an opponent, lets off a low-voltage charge that does 2d6 damage and stuns the target for 1d6 rounds if a FORT save fails. The stun baton can remain powered for 15 minutes before depleting the power cell. Cost: $200.00, Damage: +1d8, Weight: 3lbs, Power Source: Beltpack or backpack.
Vibro Dagger: A vibro dagger resembles an ordinary dagger (and can be used as one for 1d4 hp damage), but when activated, the blade vibrates at a high rate of speed, making it a more effective weapon. Anyone attacking with an activated vibro dagger receives +2 to hit and deals 1d4+6 hp damage. A vibro dagger may remain powered up for 60 minutes before depleting a power cell. Cost: $225.00, Damage: 1d4+6, Weight: 2lbs, Power Source: Minifusion cell.
Vibro Sword: A vibro sword is much like a vibro dagger, but resembles a long sword (and can be used as one when inactivated, for 1d8 hp damage). Anyone attacking with an activated vibro sword receives +2 to hit and deals 1d8+16 hp damage. A vibro sword may remain powered up for 40 minutes before depleting a power cell. Cost: $350.00, Damage: 1d8+16, Weight: 5lbs., Power Source: Minifusion cell.

These are the personal weapons available for individual purchase on most planets. More advanced weapons do indeed exist, but are restricted to military use. The real power of these high tech energy weapons is their lightness and potential rate of fire.

Laser Pistol Mk1: The earliest forms of laser pistol, designed for a number of uses and is widely sold throughout the galaxy, the laser pistol Mark 1 appears to be a silvery slender pistol. This weapon does 5d6 hp damage. Cost: $700.00, Rate of Fire: As many attacks as the user, Damage: 5d6, Range: 300 ft./600 ft., Shots: 10, Weight: 2 lbs., Power Source: Power clip, beltpack or backpack.
Laser Rifle: The laser rifle is really just an extended laser pistol Mk1, but incorporating various features, not the least of which is larger and sturdier laser generation equipment (requiring the larger and more extended shape and design). Cost: $750.00,Rate of Fire: As many attacks as the user, Damage: 6d6,
Range: 900 ft., Shots: 10, Weight: 7lbs, Power Source: Power clip, beltpack or backpack.
Plasma Pistol: The plasma pistol was an experimental attempt at compacting the power and damage of the plasma rifle into a pistol-sized weapon. The required magnetic generators made the weapon ungainly and large (looking like a souped-up “ray-gun” with antennae and such), and the plasma generated was comparatively low powered. Cost: $700.00, Rate of Fire: As many attacks as the user, Damage: 7d6
Range: 300 ft., Shots: 10, Weight: 5 lbs., Power Source: Minifusion cell.
Gotta be quicker on the draw in Mythos Space!

Plasma Rifle: The plasma “rifle” (really a portable “cannon”) is a very advanced form of weaponry. The weapon generates a strong electric field, applying it to a low-pressure gas; this gas is super-heated and atoms within begin to create nuclear reactions as they collide. In effect, the gas medium causes a controlled and directed series of nuclear reactions in a concentrated bolt of energy. The weapon is a heavy device with multitudes of knobs and switches. Cost: $750.00, Rate of Fire: As many attacks as the user, Damage: 8d6
Range: 400 ft., Shots: 10, Weight: 15lbs, Power Source: Minifusion cell.
Stun Pistol: These widely found weapons were the standard armament of civil authorities; they come in a variety of forms and shapes, but are usually pistol-sized. In general, the stun gun transforms power from its source into a lowvoltage field, ray, or emission that stuns the nervous system of the target for 2d4 turns if he fails a FORT save. It ignores the AC provided by armor, using only the character’s base AC.
Cost: $300.00, Rate of Fire: As many attacks as the user, Damage: 2d4 Stun, Range: 150 ft., Shots: 10,
Weight: 2lbs., Power Source: Power clip.

Various items of this type were created to supply power to the technological devices of mankind’s creation. The power source (or “fuel cell”) is an electrochemical device that converts the chemical energy of the fuel into a direct current output, like a “continuous-process battery”. Most fuel cells used hydrogen as a fuel. The various types of power sources in Mythos Space are as follows:
Power Cell: This item is a small flat circular battery, used to power certain civilian energy-consuming devices. This is the most primitive form of power source, being, in effect, a battery. Chemicals within the pack produce an electric charge when forced to interact, this being the source of produced power. Power: 1 year continued use, Cost: $20.00,
Power Pack: Power packs give power to almost everything in mankind’s world, including ultra-modern blenders, computers, and even cars. The power pack is roughly the size of a toaster or car battery, but may be as small as a thin textbook. A power pack weights about 3 pounds. Power: 5 years continued use, Cost: $60.00.
Power Clip: The power clip, created for use with portable weapons, is a small black “battery.” When slid into any acceptable receptacle (such as an energy weapon’s clip port), it immediately powers the weapon.
Power: 10 discharges/15 years, Cost: $40.00.
Power Beltpack: The power beltpack consists of a black plastic (or metal) belt with small power packs attached, along with a power cord and universal adapter/capacitor. The beltpack can be used to power energy weapons and other devices that will accept it. A power beltpack weighs 2 pounds. Power: 25 discharges/30 years, Cost: $400.00
Power Backpack: This type of item is a small black backpack, carried on plastic, leather, or rubber straps, linked around the chest. The power backpack has a power cord with universal adapter / capacitor (fits into any item that will receive it). A power backpack weighs 4 pounds. Power: 50 discharges/60 years, Cost: $650.00.
Minifusion Cell: This device is a small silver clip with an orange or red radiation symbol; it continuously processes internal hydrogen fuel to power its miniature fusion reactor, providing a potent output of power.
Power: 10 discharges/120 years, Cost: $800.00.
Plutonium Clip: This was used to power the various advanced portable nuclear weapons (such as radiation rifles and fusion rifles). It appears to be a thin glass cylinder (a special zirconium glass) with a glowing green core of plutonium-239. The plutonium within is drawn from the clip as the weapon fires, draining it just like “charges.” Power: 10 discharges/240 years, Cost: $1,500.00
Radioactive Battery: These batteries were developed to power the basic functions (not weapon systems) of robotic units over a long period of time, so that they would not require recharging. The battery generates power through a combination of a slow fission reaction and the decay of radioactive isotopes.
Power: 500 years continued use, Cost: $2,000.00

When down at the local space bar, keep your weapons handy...


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