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Mythos Space: Arms and Equipment Pt2

As promised, here are some more devices that are useful to adventurers in the universe of Mythos Space. Most of these devices can be purchased in the markets of settled worlds that have a spaceport. All of these rules are designed for use with the Grit and Vigor tabletop roleplaying game by John Stater.

These are devices that have use in both industry, policing duties, colonial settlements and adventures! Those devices that list a power source are referring to those found in This Article.
Advanced Breathing Apparatus: These apparatus include a backpack mounted air tank. Tanks are good for 10 hours of use. The apparatus renders the wearer immune to gaseous toxins, including poisonous gas, inhaled radiated dust, and airborne diseases. Cost: $300.00 /$20.00 per additional tank of air
The right tool for the right job.
Antitox: This drug completely dilutes and cleanses poisons and chemical toxins from the system 2 rounds after injection and removes all negative effects. Cost: $2.00.
Communicator: These  communications devices are similar to walkie-talkies, to headset communicators or hand-held gizmos with similar parameters. A typical communicator uses either radio or microwave emitters/receivers, giving a range from 1d10 miles and weighs about 1-2 pounds.
Power Source: Power Cell. Cost: $10.00 (2)
Diagnostic Scanner: This hand-held electronic device, when used within 10 feet of a given subject (the scanner must be directed towards the target), will scan its bloodstream, electric impulses, and general chemical content with a variety of sophisticated sensors. The scanner has a compressed memory bank filled with a large library of diseases and general illnesses, and the information gleaned from the scan is cross-referenced with its memory bank to diagnose whatever disease or sickness (if any) is affecting the target. The diagnostic scanner detects and accurately identifies diseases, chemical contaminant levels, the presence of parasitic infestations, radiation levels, broken bones, degenerative genetic illness, poison, etc. In game terms this device will give anyone with the Treat Injury skill a +10 bonus to all such roles. Power Source: Beltpack. Cost: $50.00
Force Screen Belt: This priceless artifact creates a reactive force field around the wearer. While energized, the shimmering force field resists all forms of damage, absorbing the first 20 points of damage per round. Power is only used when and if the wearer is struck. The energy field negates all other forms of powered shields worn by the user. Power Source: Plutonium clip. Weight: 3 lbs. Cost: $600.00.
Healing Pack: This phenomenal device appears to be a small hand-held pack with dials and lights on it, the size of an old-style calculator. The pack, when held over a serious wound and activated, begins to beep and blink, and almost “magically” heals the wound (in fact, it emits a specialized radiation wave that accelerates cellular regeneration activity); it sutures open cuts, mends bones, replaces tissue, etc. A single discharge of energy heals the subject of 3d10 hit points instantly. The device requires power, however, and it cannot cure diseases, nullify poison, or bring subjects back from the dead. In addition, it has a flat 25% chance of malfunctioning if used on any form of non-terrestrial lifeform (Aliens), instead inflicting 1d10 points of damage from its use. A healing pack weighs 2 pounds. Power Source: Minifusion cell. Cost: $60.00.
Hologram Projector: This item appears similar to a flat black trophy stand, with a button or dial concealed inconspicuously on the front, back, or bottom. When the button is pressed an emitter creates a 3D holographic image, floating roughly three inches to a foot above the unit. The image created rotates a full 360 degrees over the course of thirty seconds. The image programmed into the hologram projector can be virtually anything; a commemorative image of a popular movie star, medical diagrams, flashy advertisements, a flag billowing in the wind, etc. A small port on the side permits a different image card to be inserted if desired. Power Source: Power Cell. Cost: $200.00.
Infra-Red Goggles: These appear as heavy silvered goggles. The lenses are filled with a glycene coating, filtering out all light except for that produced by infra-red. These goggles allow the wearer to clearly discern heat sources in the dark as the mutation thermal vision to a distance of 240’. These goggles weigh 2 pounds. Cost: $100.00.
Medi-Spray (I, II): This magnificent miracle drug is dispensed in small handheld canisters with a nozzle at one end and an activation button on the opposite side. Such canisters come in a variety of colors and shapes, but there are two main medical variations of the basic drug available, wound healing and spore neutralization. The first kind (I) sprays a liquid-form artificial “flesh” onto any wounded area, which quickly bonds and heals the wound (heals 2d8 hit points per dose); the second (II) sprays a white-cell agitator that fights any and all forms of spore infestation or other infections with 100% effectiveness. All Medi-sprays optimally have 10 doses of spray; they cannot usually be reloaded, and are disposable. Cost: $20.00 (type I), $30.00 (type II).
Motion Detector: This item appears to be a fanciful metal device, with a glass T.V. tube on its topside. The device, when activated and pointed in a certain direction, detects all motion in a cone up to 50’ long and 30’ wide at the terminal end. Things that are moving appear as dots on the screen, showing their relative position in the cone and the rate of their speed. The detector will only detect motion by things no smaller than a mouse. A motion detector weighs 4 pounds. Power Source: Beltpack. Cost: $50.00.
Power Fist: This appears to be a single heavy black metal glove, perhaps spiked or studded with a fine chrome trim. The fist is a perfect exoskeletal covering for the human fist, and is, in effect, a power-assisted limb. The power fist allows the wearer to grip far more powerfully than a normal human fist, able to crush the likes of a metal power clip in a single motion. This weapon acts to magnify the strength of the user in melee attacks (or feats of strength), giving an enhancement bonus of +4 to the wearer’s Strength. If two power fists are used, the bonus increases to +8, but only for two-handed operations (such as wielding a two-handed weapon, or using both hands to bend bars). A power fist weighs 8 pounds. Power Source: Beltpack or backpack. Cost: $150.00 each or $250.00 for a set.
Regeneration Tank: This most advanced of all medical devices is a large immovable tank, filled with a special chemical fluid that accelerates the regenerative capabilities of the human body. Any patient submerged in the regen tank is sustained by the chemical. The body is kept alive in much the same manner as in a womb, relying on umbilical support from the tank’s machinery (these automatically attach to a patient). Fluid in the tank causes wounds to heal and ruptured or damaged organs to regenerate. Such devices require a great deal of power to operate, and the patient is effectively unconscious and vulnerable while immersed in the tank. The healing abilities of the tank are dependent on the damage suffered. A person with 50% of his hit points will always be healed (100% chance), with a 25% drop in the chance for every 1/4 of hit points lost from that point on. Fatal injuries are not reversed, but those with potentially fatal consequences, such as diseases, are. Rumors abound about a special type of regen tank that was capable of bringing someone back from the dead if used within 24 hours of death, though such reanimation tanks are likely the inventions of unhinged minds. Power Source: Power pack. Cost: $1000.00.
Robot Dog: These dogs look and act like normal dogs, but are actually robots. They may appear mechanical or natural, depending on the model and mission. Use of these robots requires the Sidekick Feat and the purchase of this robot.  Cost: $300.00
Space Suit: These suits supply complete protection from space, and comes with a Advanced Breathing Apparatus and n air tenk. The suit is not armor, and provides no protection against weaponry of any type. However, the suit is self-sealing. If penetrated, the wearer suffers any damage incurred by weapons, but is still considered protected from the dangers of vacuum, radiation and temperature extremes. Space Suits look much like coveralls and can fit under a jacket or bady armor. Cost: $100.00.
Survival Kit: This type of item was generally only issued to soldiers in the field, but many types are available. The typical kit contains a water-purification bag, a simple sewing kit, a book of 20 waterproof matches, a compass, four gobs of chewing gum, eight pieces of sweet candy (no nutrition, but raises energy level due to sugar content), a razor blade and holder, and a single ten-dose canister of medi-spray. A survival kit weighs 10 pounds. Cost: $15.00.
X-Ray Goggles: This form of super-science advanced eyewear permits the wearer to see into and through solid matter. The wearer can see through a stone wall and up to 30 feet. The wearer may see 60 feet if looking through wood and other low-density material. A 10 foot squared area (100 square feet) can be visually examined each turn, and any secret doors, hidden recesses, or traps will be evident. Lead or gold will block x-ray vision. Power Source: Power Cell. Cost: $100.00.

Such vehicles run the gamut of animal-powered carts up to motorcycles, hight-speed cars and land rovers. Most are common thruought the settled worlds of Mythos Space and have the same costs, stats and rules as those found in chapter ??? of the Grit & Vigor RPG.

These vehicles are common on any world with an active spaceport. They travel by use of an antigravity inductor engine, fueled by a mini-fusion cell. They come in similar forms to more primitive vehicles, including hoverbikes, hovercars, hovertrucks, and hoverbusses. As these vehicles run for a long time on a single mini-fusion cell and need little maintenance, they are very popular on colony worlds.
Most of these vehicles have fairly simple controls, similar to land-vehicles, and can be flown with either the Drive or Pilot skill, whichever is highest. Some vehicles have robotic controls, with programmed behavior or even artificial intelligence, though these are rare since the Mythos Wars (for fear of Infovore Infestation). Vehicles may have armor and other characteristics similar to robots.
Some Hover Vehicles are:
Hoverbike: Like a motorcycle, but able to fly. These vehicles have an open cockpit, requiring special gear and/or an independant air supply. Size: M, HD: 2, AC: 16, SPD: 250 mph, ACC: 125, MVR: +2, CP: 1/0, Wt(t): 0.1, Cost: $1,150.00.
Hoverbus: Like a bus or troop transport, but able to fly. These vehicles are airtight and have oxygen for 24 hours for ten people. Size: L, HD: 10, AC: 16, SPD: 200 mph, ACC: 100, MVR: +0, CP: 1/3, Wt(t): 1.6, Cost: $6,000.00.
Hovercar: Like an automobile, but able to fly. These come in luxury or workaday varieties. These vehicles are airtight and have oxygen for one standard week (7 Earth days). Size: L, HD: 10, AC: 16, SPD: 300 mph, ACC: 150, MVR: -2, CP: 1/5,Wt(t): 1.5 tons, Cost: $5,100.00.
Hovertruck: These are workaday vehicles built to carry cargo and up to two passengers. These vehicles are airtight and have oxygen for one standard week (7 Earth days). Size: L, HD: 14, AC: 16, SPD: 250 mph, ACC: 125, MVR: -3, CP: 1/2, Wt(t): 3.3, Cost: $6,000.00.


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