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Mythos Space: Cybernetics (Equipment)


The life of an adventurer is a dangerous one, and characters can lose body parts due to a large number of dangers. Combat, disease, fire, radiation, extreme cold and even a really bad roll can render even the toughest adventurer crippled, blind or suffering other disabilities. But thankfully through advanced technology, a character has the option (with enough money) to be rebuilt, better, stronger, faster...
Each of these devices is an option for characters who need replacement parts or who otherwise wish to enhance themselves. In science fiction, such options are appealing to reflect grizzled veterans, re-built laborers, cyber-fetishists, technophiles and survivors of various sorts.
These rules are designed for use with the excellent Grit and Vigor RPG by John Stater. Its an excellent game that is based off of the d20 system, but has a strong element of the grittier sort of "old-school" games.

A human or humanoid body can only tolerate so much cyberware before becoming more machine than person. In the case of Androids, this is a question of becoming more robot than android. To reflect this fact, a character can have a maximum bumber of cyberware as his or her CON modifier +1. Going over this limit does not necessarily kill the character, but will turn him or her into a Construct, and thus an NPC.

As a general rule, cybernetics are treated as part of the characters body, and is healed along with it in the form of Hit Points etc. However in the case of Sunder or Ranged Sunder attacks (GnV page 73-74), specific wounds (GnV page 75-76) or other effects that might damage cyberware directly, the cyberwares Item Saving Throw (GnV page 64) is that of Steel and Titanium (Saving Throw 4). Repairing this sort of damage requires that the surgeon have the Electronics and Treat Injury skills, and having both an Electronics Repair Kit and a Medical Kit. The Venture Master may require special equipment or space parts.

Electricity Vulnerability
A creature with one or more cybernetic attachments takes 50% more damage from any attack that deals electricity damage. This vulnerability to electricity can be offset by an anti-shock implant.

Here is a selection of basic cyberware that is available on most planets with a spaceport. All of these entries have the following details;
Upgrade Slots: This represents the number of additional devices than might be included in the piece of Cyberware. These do not need to be filled right away, but can be added to during the course of play.
Standard Gadgets: These are gadgets and weapons that can be found in the equipment lists found in Chapter III of the Grit and Vigor Rulebook. The relative costs of the equipment is added to the base cost of the cyberware.
Advanced Gadgets: These are taken from the Advanced Weapons and Gadgets and Gizmos lists. The relative costs of the equipment is added to the base cost of the cyberware.
Cost: This is the base cost of cyberware.

Anti-Shock Implant
This tiny implant, embedded near the recipient’s brain stem, negates the cyborg's
special vulnerability to electricity.
Upgrade Slots: n/a
Typical Gadgets: n/a
Advanced Gadgets: n/a
Cost: $80.00

This implant can replace the hand, forearm, elbow, upper arm, and shoulder. GMs may
wish to reduce the number of available upgrade slots for hand or forearm-only replacements.
Upgrade Slots: 5
Standard Gadgets: Chemistry Set, Computer (Personal ), Dagger (any), Electrical Tool Kit, Fire Extinguisher, Flashlight (any), Hydraulic Compressor, Jaws-of-Life (requires Hydraulic Compressor), Mechanical Tool Kit, Medical Aid Kit, Multipurpose Tool, Pistol (any), Surgery Kit.
Advanced Gadgets: Diagnostic Scanner, Energy Baton, Healing Pack, Laser Pistol, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist, Stun Baton, Stun Pistol, Vibro Dagger.
Cost: $500.00

Ear implants replaces one or more auditory receptors. They can augment the inner ear and completely replace the outer ear as well.
Upgrade Slots: 2
Standard Gadgets: Audio Recorder, Police Scanner, Radio (any), Micropphone (shotgun), Mobile Telephone (requires matching oral/nasal implant).
Advanced Gadgets: Communicator (requires matching oral/nasal implant), Motion Detector.
Cost: $200.00

One eye implant replaces one visual receptor.
Upgrade Slots: 2
Standard Gadgets: Camera (any), Flashlight (any), Telescope.
Advanced Gadgets: Infra-Red Goggles, Laser Pistol, Stun Pistol, X-Ray Goggles.
Cost: $200.00

This implant can replace the foot, lower leg, knee, thigh, and hip. GMs may wish to reduce the number of available upgrade slots for foot or lower leg-only replacements.
Upgrade Slots: 5
Standard Gadgets: Chemistry Set, Computer (Personal ), Electrical Tool Kit, Holster (any), Hydraulic Compressor, Mechanical Tool Kit, Medical Aid Kit, Surgery Kit.
Advanced Gadgets: Diagnostic Scanner, Healing Pack, Hologram Projector.
Cost: $250.00

Oral/nasal implants can replace the jaw and chewing organs, throat, vocal apparatus, and olfactory systems.
Upgrade Slots: 3
Standard Gadgets: Chemistry Set, Gas Mask, Mobile Telephone (requires matching ear implant).
Advanced Gadgets: Advanced Breathing Apparatus, Communicator (requires matching oral/nasal implant).
Cost: $300.00

This implant replaces damaged bone and/or brain matter, and is usually in response to fractures and/or head trauma.
Upgrade Slots: 2
Standard Gadgets: Computer (Personal ), Helmet.
Advanced Gadgets: Diagnostic Scanner, Motion Detector.
Cost: $200.00

This implant replaces or adds a tail, tentacle, or cluster of tendrils, typically attached to the torso, shoulders, or lower back. This limb can be used to hold items and grants an extra attck dealing unarmed combat damage.
Upgrade Slots: 2
Standard Gadgets: Bull Whip, Dagger (any), Multipurpose Tool, Pistol (any).
Advanced Gadgets: Energy Baton, Laser Pistol, Plasma Pistol, Stun Baton.
Cost: $200.00

This implant augments the chest and abdomen of the cyborg, and can replace the circulatory, respiratory, and/or digestive organs.
Upgrade Slots: 6
Standard Gadgets: Backpack (60 lbs), Body Armor (any), Chemistry Set, Electrical Tool Kit, Fire Extinguisher, Hydraulic Compressor, Mechanical Tool Kit, Medical Aid Kit.
Advanced Gadgets: Advanced Breathing Apparatus, Force Screen Belt, Hologram Projector,Motion Detector, Space Suit.
Cost: $600.00

Cyborgs are most common in the military, law enforcement and manufacturing careers of Mythos Space, where potentially crippling accidents are part of the job. Many cyborgs are ex-military of some sort or another and usually have some really good stories about how they got this or that implant. However, despite the coolness of cybernetics, most people are disturbed by extensive upgrades.
Several organizations, races and groups have a particular focus on Cyborgs. Such as:

Acolytes of Zo-Kalar: The Elder One called Zo-Kalar (lord of birth and death) has a sizable following among Cyborgs, who see the enigmatic entity as a type of cyborg or hybrid construct. Rigorous personal control and an adherence to logic is a main teaching of this society.

Androids (Race): Androids who get cybernetic implants are actually looking for upgrades and enhancements to their mechanical forms. Eventually, such androids are more like robots than people.

Cai Shen Intersolar (Corporation): This corporation specializes is security services and mercenaries, and such has a great use for cyborgs. Cyborgs comprise a large number of their specialized operatives, and can expect access to excellent gear and upgrades.

Cult of Gtuhanai: This cult is dedicated to the Great Old One Gtuhanai, the Destroyer God of the Aartna. This entity manifests as a Unicron-like all-devouring machine vortex. And as-such is appealing to Androids and certain technophilic cultists. Cyborgs feature greatly in their cult.

Deep Ones and Gillies (Race/Creatures): Manipulating life-forms is an old art of the Deep Ones, though they generally prefer bio-engineering and symbiotes over cybernetics. However, in the 51st century, Gillies in particular have taken to cyberware as a means to adapt and grow.


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