Friday, April 22, 2016

Mythos Space: Simek 109-E Tramp Freighter

Colossal Construct
HD: 96 (336 hp)
AC: 17 (DR 12)
SPD: 90 mph (4M mph in space)
MVR: +1
ATK: 2 x rocket cannons (10d8)
CP: 4/8
WT: 165 tons
Special: Titanium Hull 1/2", 100 metric ton cargo capacity. Spindizzy Drive, Hyperdrive.
The Simek 109-E Tramp Freighter is a multipurpose, mid-bulk transport ship designed by Wishstar Colonial Spacecraft Corporation. The hulls and engines are constructed at WCSC's shipyard at New Simek, Kinsei, with final outfitting being outsourced to a dozen smaller companies, including the newly formed Kaiwan Ship Works on Skarl.
These vessels are often used by explorers, prospectors and far-ranging merchants who find them excellent for long-distance transport. Adventurers love these ships, as they are relatively cheap, and require only minimal upkeep. Modifications are common, particularly armor, shield generators and other changes. A common use of these vessels is by merchant organizations and leased out to adventurers who then must transport cargo. This is the recommended course of Venture Masters with a group of would-be space adventurers. If PC's want to buy one of these vehicles, they go for about $1 million dollars and regular maintenance in the range of $1k a month (fuel, minor repairs,etc).
As standard with Terran made Starships, these vessels are equipped with a Spindizzy Drive. This specialized engine allows spaceships to travel the vast distances between planets at great speed. Simply put, when activated outside of a gravity well (an asteroid, moon or planet), a vehicle equipped with a Spindizzy drive can travel 100 million miles per day, or 4 million mph. The ship also comes with a Hyperdrive, allowing the vessel to enter Hyperspace, thus allowing for interstellar travel.
Note: This vessel's stats are designed with the Grit and Vigor RPG in mind and makes use of the Hyperspace and Space Battles rules.


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