Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mythos Space: The Pnathian Deathworm

Type: Vermin
Size: Large (12-22’ long, 133 lb.)
Intelligence: Non (0)
Hit Dice: 5
Movement: 50/550 (Burrow 20, Climb 30)
Armor Class: 14
Attacks: bite (2d6)
Saving Throws: F 10, R 13, W 13
Environment: Underground, Sewers, Swamps
No. Appearing: Bundle (1d6)
XP Value: 500 (CL 6)
"Now Carter knew from a certain source that he was in the vale of Pnath, where crawl and burrow the enormous bholes; but he did not know what to expect, because no one has ever seen a bhole, or even guessed what such a thing may be like. Bholes are known only by dim rumour from the rustling they make amongst mountains of bones and the slimy touch they have when they wriggle past one. They cannot be seen because they creep only in the dark." - H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath.
Also known as a Bhole, the Pnathian Deathworm is a vicious predator and scavenger that is a frequent threat to explorers and colonists on numerous planets and moons. Pnathian Deathworms were first encountered in the subterranean tunnels of the Moon of Pnath, but can theoretically be found on any world that supports a carbon-based ecosystem. When a Pnathian Deathworm finds prey, it shoots its jaws out at the end of its reversible throat, allowing it an extra 5-ft. reach. For those not practiced in fighting deathworms, this attack gains a +5 bonus to hit. The jaws are quite powerful, and are capable of crushing weapons and armor. Any time a deathworm's attack fails by no more than 2 points, the target must pass a Reflex save or the worm's attack is treated as a sundering attack against their equipment, in the following order: Shield, weapon, armor, cybernetics.  In systems without rules for sundering attack, simply force the target's equipment to pass an item saving throw, or the target to pass a save vs. paralysis, or be destroyed.
Special Qualities: Blindsight, immunity to poison or disease, resistance to acid and cold.

Pnathian Deathworm's are a menace to colonists across settled space, particularly in mining colonies whose delving bring them into the territory of these creatures. It is believed that these creatures share a planet of origin with the Nug Soth, who hunt deathworms as a source of food (and vice-versa). These monsters reproduce asexually, and "bud" in response to an abundance of food, quickly growing in number until food is depleted. If no food is available, these creatures will go into hibernation that can last for centuries.

Note: These rules are designed for use with the excellent Grit and Vigor RPG by John Stater. Its an excellent game that is based off of the d20 system, but has a strong element of the grittier sort of "old-school" games.


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