Friday, May 27, 2016

Mythos Space: Moon Beast Mecha

Lengite Trooper (L), Moon-Beast and Slave Walker (R)
Moon-Beast Slave Walker
Class: Light
Size: Large
Hit Dice: 20 (105 hp)
Armor Class: 18 (Steel 2)
Speed: 4 mph (35’)
Targeting: +3
Maneuver: +2
Weapons: 1x drill-whip (3d8), 2x light laser, 2x stun rifle (see advanced weapons), 1x psychic emitter (Mind Blast, Ego Whip, Dominate).
The dreaded moon-beasts are notorious slavers, and wicked merchants in the universe of Mythos Space. The moon-beasts are traders, exchanging Sharga Gems and weird technology for gold and slaves in their great black starships. They use the Lengites as their go-betweens and as foot soldiers, a role the Lengites happily take part in though they are slaves. The Moon beasts are happy to trade with those they cannot conquer, and can be found in the lower wards of many planetary slums. They are officially despised by the Empire and legitimate governments, but the arcane technology and forbidden pleasures that they sell are a source of great profit for many. Space Patrol has a particular loathing for Moon Beasts and Lengites.
The Slave Walkers are built for the taking of slaves for the Moon Beast merchant empire, and for waging war. These tripod walkers are a terror to encounter. The moon beast pilot is in clear view, but protected by a powerful force-field that grants full armor and renders the pilot and walker immune to lasers, fire or electricity. Pilots of these mecha can survive for 2d4 days within the vehicles without replenishment.

This Mecha make use of the Grit and Vigor RPG. Stats for Moon Beasts, Lengites, basics on Mythos Space and Mecha call all be found in NOD #29. Check it out!


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