Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mythos Space: The Star Spawn

Star Spawn
Star Spawn and a human rocket-jockey
Type: Outsider
Size: Huge
Intelligence: High (13-18)
Hit Dice: 20
Movement: 50/500 (Fly 60/600)
Armor Class: 26 
Attacks: 4 tentacles (3d8+2 + constrict), 2 claws (2d6+2) and bite (1d10+2)
Saving Throws: F0, R2, W2
Special: Immune to electricity, disease, poison and radiation, resistance to acid, cold and fire, psychic power resistance 90%, telepathy 100’, Vulnerability (Neutronium)
Environment: Any
No. Appearing: 1 (or horde 5d20)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
XP Value: 1,300 (CL 26)
"Another race - a land race of beings shaped like octopi and probably corresponding to fabulous prehuman spawn of Cthulhu - soon began filtering down from cosmic infinity and precipitated a -monstrous war which for a time drove the Old Ones wholly back to the sea - a colossal blow in view of the increasing land settlements." -H.P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains Of Madness
The Star Spawn are the chief servitor race of Cthulhu and his cosmic kinfolk. They are a species that is built for space, hyperspace and for war. They are huge, tentacle beings whose brutal forms house shrewd and brilliant minds. These creatures are a mish-mash race created from biological "data" acquired by Cthaeghya (Cthulhu's half-sister). Star Spawn do not breath and have a pair of bat-like wings that allow them to propel themselves via the solar winds at 1 million mph through the vacuum of space. Also, once per day, a Star Spawn can plane shift itself (plus 500 pounds of objects) into hyperspace.  This allows these creatures to travel between stars in the same manner as a starship.
Once per minute, the Star Spawn can fire a focused cone of electromagnetic energy that causes all targets to make a Reflex save (or Drive and/or Pilot Aircraft check) or suffer 10d10 points of electrical damage. Electronics must make a save or be destroyed.
Star Spawn have the following supernatural powers: At will—akashic knowledge, blur, clairsentience, create undead, desecrate, dimension door, dominate, matter agitation, negation, polymorph self, putrefy, sensitivity to psychic impressions, speak with dead,transmute liquid, transvection; 3/day—metamorphosis, song of discord; 1/day— astral projection, raise tower.

After the closing of the last Mythos War, the destruction of R'lyeh (and the possible “death” of Cthulhu), the vast legions of Star Spawn were cast adrift across space, and remain a menace to this day. Most Star Spawn serve Cthaeghya, and Idh-yaa (mate of Cthulhu) though a number of them also serve Cthylla, Ghatanothoa, Ythogtha, and Zoth-Ommog. These Old Ones are busy with their family politics as well as their conflicts with the forces of Hastur and Yig, and so are not an active threat to the Empire at the present time. Individual and small groups of Star Spawn can be found on remote worlds, often worshiped by an assortment of minor monsters such as Deep Ones (Lemurians) Gill Monsters,Monster Men, and weirder things. Sometimes they have accumuated a number of human followers in the form of mad cultists, degenerate tribesmen and power hungry politicians and space pirates. In any event, Star Spawn are dangerous and intelligent foes.
In war, Star Spawn emerge from Hyperspace in large hordes, using their natural speed and magic to great effect. They will typically seek to disable defenses and defending vehicles first, and using magic and their mobility to sew fear. Elder One and rival Great Old One temples are primary targets.

These rules use the Grit and Vigor Roleplaying Game by John Stater. An excellent game that uses the best part of old school games and the D20 systems for pulpy adventures. Check it out!


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