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Along the spacelanes, all manner of different races come together, even ones that in normal fantasy rpg settings would be considered monsters. And along with races comes religion, many of whom have similarities and major differences. So in such a Cosmospilotan civilization, religions get all mushed together over time, and all manner of weird faiths emerge.
So below are some of the faiths and deities found in the Silver Void setting:

These are clerics that revere an Outer Plane and all of its resident deities collectively. Planar churches are the most prevalent religious institutions along the spacelanes and in the Commonwealth. The following are the most widespread and popular (or infamous):
CELESTIA/SEVEN HEAVENS (LG, CG, NG)- Standard Lawful Clerics.
ARBOREA/OLYMPUS (CG)- Air or Weather domain.
BUXENUS/ARCADIA (LG, LN)- Sun or War domain.
ELYSIUM (NG)- Animal or Good domain.
UTOPIA/MECHANUS (LN)- Knowledge domain.
YSGARD/ASGARD (CG, CN)- Strength or War domain.
LIMBO (CN)- Madness domain.
HADES (NE)- Death domain.
HELL (LE)- Evil or Fire domain.
ABYSS (CE, LE, NE)- Standard Chaotic clerics.

The following gods and goddesses are very active in the Commonwealth and the races who travel the spacelanes.

Title(s): Our Lady of Perpetual Motion, Mama Vroom
Home plane: None (mobile)
Power level : Lesser
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Horseless vehicles, speed, recklessness
Agenoria, also called “Our Lady of Perpetual Motion”, is the goddess of horseless vehicles, particularly those created by spellcasters. She is also the goddess of freedom, getting laid and blood on the asphalt. She is the patron of all fast-moving vehicles. Her clerics can be of any alignment.
The priests of Agenoria wear gloves, buff coats and goggles over their armor, and the men are expected to cultivate glorious full mustaches; they bear the holy spoked wheel on their round shields and can cast stinking cloud once per day.

Title(s): Brrring,
Home plane: Nirvana
Power level : Lesser
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Communication, bells, family
Bellman is the god of telephonics and thus also god of telemarketers and family. He appears as a gigantic mechanical being made of rotary dials, cords and buttons in rough humanoid form. This god is alien in mindset, and yet is fascinated with humanoid relationships, and will often ask strange questions of its worshippers and at odd times. Clerics of Bellman can be of any alignment.
His priests wear rotary dials as amulets and wear armor woven from copper wire (equivalent to chainmail), and are capable of casting message by sacrificing a silver piece.

Title(s): Cosmos, Mr. Monday  
Home plane: Limbo
Power level : Intermediate
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Chaotic Evil tendencies)
Portfolio: Space, get rich quick schemes, adventurers
Old Man Cosmos is the personification of space, travel and million to one chances, and so almost every adventurer pays at least some lip service to Old Man Cosmos. This deity is fickle and dangerous, blessing and cursing those who call on him, seeming to take great pleasure from visiting all manner of calamity on travelers (testing as he puts it).He appears as an old man of any race, usually unkempt but with a great deal of advice to give to those who treat him well.
Priests of Cosmos dress in traveler’s garb and never cut their hair and/or beards, adopting a ragged traveler appearance, though they are usually clean. Clerics of Old Man Cosmos have no special power over the undead, but gains a +2 bonus to save vs. mind control and can cast bestow curse 1/day. 

Title(s): Lady Aether, Aditi, Silver Lady  
Home plane: Astral Plane
Power level : Intermediate
Alignment: True Neutral (Neutral Good leanings)
Portfolio: Astral plane, space, consciousness
Hemera (also called Aether or Aditi) the personification of the Astral Plane, and is not really a deity per se, however, she does empower clerics and is served by unnumbered hordes of Astral Devas and other celestial beings. She appears as an Astral Deva of titanic size and great beauty and clothed in silvery light. Her priesthood claims that she is the celestial mother of every existing form and being, the synthesis of all things, she is associated with space and with mystic speech. Her clerics can be of any alignment with true Neutral preferred.
Priests of Hemera can cast detect magic at will and are never disoriented in zero gravity environments. When piloting a Spelljammer Helm, priests of Aditi can plane shift the vessel and all hands onto the Astral plane 1/day per 2 levels.

Title(s): The Riveter    
Home plane: Elemental Plane of Fire
Power level : Lesser
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Women (all species), liberation, industry
Mater Industria, also called “The Riveter” is the goddess of hard work, industry and preparation for war. She is also the goddess of liberation and workers’ rights, and so her followers are labor bosses and Union organizers. Mater Industria appears as a muscular middle-aged woman holding a hammer and dressed for labor. Her clerics wear heavy gauntlets and leather armor with work aprons. Her clerics must be physically strong (STR 13+). Her clerics can be of any non-chaotic alignment.
All clerics of The Riveter are skilled in Bend Bars, Break Down Doors, and can add heat metal to their allowed 2nd level spells. They have no special power over the undead.

Title(s): The Wanderer         
Home plane: Ethereal Plane
Power level : Intermediate
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Creation, ethereal plane, craftsmanship
Ptah is the Egyptian god of creation and personification of the Etheric Plane. He is an aloof and mysterious deity who does not normally answer prayers, preferring his servants to make decisions for themselves. He appears as an ebony skinned black man or dwarf or as a mighty winged bull. The black-clad priests of Ptah are widespread, and preach that Ptah is the one and true creator deity. Planar clerics of Buxenus are the only true allies of the Seekers of Ptah, as their plane includes the other Egyptian deities. Priests of Ptah can be of any alignment.
Clerics of Ptah have the Turn/Destroy powers of Lawful clerics regardless of the clerics alignment. They can also create magic items as though they were two levels higher.

Title(s): Golden-wings 
Home plane: Elemental Plane of Air
Power level : Lesser
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Flight, freedom, wind
Volania, is the goddess of flight and flying machines, including Spelljammer ships and similar vehicles. Her priests and priestesses wear golden wing pins on their blue tunics. Flying machines of all kinds are of interest to followers of Volania, who will go to great lengths to get access to such vehicles. Spelljamming vessels ore of great interest to this goddess. Her priests and priestesses wear golden wing pins on their blue tunics. Her clerics can be of any non-chaotic alignment.

Priests of Volania can cast fly once per day, but must be sitting in a cart, wagon or boat to do so - they spell effects the vehicle rather than the priest or priestess; in addition, the priestesses can cast create peanuts and coffee or tea (a variation of create food and water) once per day, but only while in flight.

These rules use the Blood and Treasure 1st Edition, a relatively simple and straight-forward game system that hearkens back to older versions of DnD. 
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