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PANGEA ULTIMA: The Lords of Chaos

THE LORDS OF CHAOS (Chaotic Petty Gods)
“No structure, even an artificial one, enjoys the process of entropy. It is the ultimate fate of everything, and everything resists it.” -Philip K. Dick
The Lords of Chaos, also called the Lords of the Void, and the Gods of the Underworld, are a collection of petty deities that are dedicated to Chaos and freedom in the Universe. They are the personification and proponents of change, Tricksters, free will, creativity, individualism, and, to the extreme, madness, savagery, solipsism, and selfish overindulgence. The powers associated with it are Shapeshifting, illusions, and matter transmutation, as well as Entropy and Chaos Magic in general. All the Lords of Chaos are dangerous, as they personify change that is not always beneficial. However, for those willing to chance the quixotic nature of these beings, the Lords of the Void can be profitable allies. Clerics of The Lords of Chaos follow a wide range of creeds and do not have a large united "church", rather they are allied in opposition to the Lords of Law. In fact, clerics of the Lords of and often bicker or even out-and-out war with one another over doctrinal differences and personal disputes.
Symbol: Wheel of Void or tarnished silver coin
Cleric Alignments: Chaotic (see alignment)
Clerical Powers: Clerics who revere all the Lords of Chaos can “rebuke” or control undead creatures. Cults dedicated to a specific god or aspect of Chaos can choose from the following; Death cults, Fighting cults, Scholar cults, Trickster cults, and Weird cults. See see Blood and Treasure 2nd Edition rulebook pages 15-18 for details on Specialty Priests and Cults. 

There are many chaotic deities active in the world of Pangea Ultima, each with its own specialty and character. A vast selection of these deities can be found in the Petty Gods OSR sourcebook. Some of the most active chaotic deities in my campaign are as follows:

Adassec (see page 3 of Petty Gods)- Adassec, the petty god of stars and ladders, is a grotesque creature, similar to a massive, giant centipede with human legs and feet, topped by the upper body of a human. Hs dark hair is long and greasy, his nose is hooked, and his eyes are bottomless spirals of darkness. Adassec can be as treacherous and capricious as the stars and ladders he protects.  Clerics of Adassec are specialty priests of a Trickster Cult (see BnT page 15-18) or Machine cult. They dress as dungeon delvers and travelers and can be of Chaotic or Neutral alignment. His symbol is a ladder.

Churfaz (see page 28 of Petty Gods)- Churfaz the Maggot-King is the petty god of filth and cisterns as well as the patrol of flies and every wriggling thing that lives in filth. In his most reviled manifestation, Churfaz erupts as a mass of pale worms and fur-smeared filth. His shrines are found in sewers and abandoned cisterns. Clerics dedicated to The Maggot King are specialty priests of a Death Cult (see BnT page 15-18). They dress as mudlarks or toshers and can be on Chaotic or Neutral alignment. Churfaz symbol is a cyst above the left eye.

Glorfall (see page 57 of Petty Gods)- Glorfall, the petty god of academic arguments, appears as a tall, powerfully bult scholar with a wildly unkempt salt-and pepper beard, a huge mouth, and rotten teeth. Prayers to Glorfall must be systematically argued by a tenured professor of a legitimate, respected academic institution, and the orator must sound lke they know what they are talking about.
Clerics of Glorfall are specialty priests of a Scholar Cult (see BnT page 15-18). They dress as scholars and can be of any alignment (Chaotic or Neutral preferred). His symbol is a large tome wrapped in chains.

Luriel (see page 97 of Petty Gods)- The petty goddess Luriel appears as a dark-hared, dark-eyed, sultry woman so curvaceously attractive that no male can harm her. She prefers to wear clinging silk dresses in deep red, deep purple, or black, cut to reveal enticing glimpses of creamy skin. She s the patroness of temptresses, seductresses, panted Jezebels, and slinky vamps. Clerics of Lauriel are specialty priests of a Trickster Cult (see BnT page 15-18). They dress as beautifully (yet slutty) as possible and travelers and can be of Chaotic or Neutral alignment. Her symbol is a painted smile.

Urglu (see page 182 in Petty Gods) – Urglu is the petty goddess of mutations and Godmother of Aberrations and Monstrosities. The goddess of mutations visits expecting women and gestating animals and give her blessings to their progeny. Urglu appears as a misshapen creature whose twisted 15'-tall body s covered n patches of har and varyng blotches of scales and blisters. Her temples and shrines are found in places where mutations are the most common. Clerics of Urglu are specialty priests of a Trickster Cult (see BnT page 15-18). They dress as madmen and insane street preachers and can be of Chaotic or Neutral alignment. Her symbol is a broken mirror.

Yeomanry (see page 198 in Petty Gods)- Yeolnuma, also called the Nightsoil King, is the petty god of scarabs, shamed warriors and night-soil. He was once an apprentice to a solar deity in a distant time, but was cursed and transformed into a huge glossy scarab. However, this petty god has been slowly building his army of insectoid minions and allies and will one day challenge his old lord. Clerics of Yeolnuma are specialty priests of a Fighting Cult (see BnT page 15-18). They dress as soldiers, favoring lacquered armor in the shape of a beetle, and can be of any alignment (Chaotic or Neutral preferred). His symbol is a glossy black scarab.

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