Monday, February 13, 2017

AMERU-KA 300: The Hodag

Size: Large
Type: Monster
Hit Dice: 15
Armor Class: 17
Attack: Bite (1d8), gore (2d8) or trample (4d8)
Movement: 30′
Save: 9
Intelligence: Animal
Alignment: Neutral (N)
No. App: 1d4
XP/CL: 1,500/16

SA— Stink (see below)
SD—Immunity (disease, paralysis).

The Hodag (Tauroceratophoneus sp.) is a fearsome critter. It has the head of a bull, the back of a dinosaur, and the leering features of a demon. Its legs are short, its claws are long, and it is covered in tough scales. Though fearsome creatures, the Hodag is generally considered a friend to mankind as they enjoy the taste of the undead and of many poisonous aberrations and plants found in the wastelands. They have a particular fondness for creepy crawlers and ghoul flesh. Because of this, the hodag is considered a good luck animal and encouraged to breed in areas where irradiated ruins are nearby. The cult of Paul Bunyan (Beastmasters and Fighting cult) often depict Babe the Blue Ox as an enormous Hodag. Some brave individuals have been known to raise Hodag pups for use as draft animals, though this is usually only attempted by Druids or Sorcerers.
In combat a hodag will charge, lashing out with all attacks, pounding its foe into mush to be consumed later. The stink of the creature is so intense that all creatures within 50' must make a saving throw or be stunned for 1d4 rounds. This smell has been known to curdle milk, yellow paper and cause eggs to spoil under hens. Only another hodag and those without a sense of smell are immune. Use of alchemical and herbal solutions (such as intensely nasty lozenges) can immunize a person to the reek of a hodag.

This setting uses the Blood and Treasure 2E rules system by Jon Stater. Its a D20 game with an old-school feel. Try it out, all the cool kids are doing it.

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