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AMERU-KA 300: Tree Hags

Tree Hag
Type: Monster 
Size: Medium 
Hit Dice: 9 
Armor Class: 22 
Attack: 2 claws (1d8) or bite (2d4) 
Movement: 30′ (Burrow 10′) 
Save: 12; MR 35% 
Intelligence: High 
Alignment: Chaotic (NE) 
No. Appearing: 1 or 3 
XP/CL: 900/10

SA—Magic Use (Magic User spells up to 3rd level)
SD—Immunity (poison, sleep effects, paralysis, polymorph and stunning attacks), Vulnerability (fire).
SP—Plant growth, speak with plants, wood shape.

Tree Hags are found in dense forests. They have skin resembles wood, black eyes, foliage like hair, and noses like a tree knot. Their clothes appear to be tattered brown cloth with small patches of dried leaves. A tree hag usually lives under large trees, using their powers to create large, elaborate homes that are far more comfortable than they will at first appear. All Tree Hags are accomplished herbalists, and can brew potions as an Alchemist (see Blood and Treasure page 58 for details), manufacturing acid, alchemist’s fire, oil and many potions and drugs. 
Though still dangerous monsters, Tree Hags can sometimes be found living in a sort-of accord with local villages. They prefer to force other races to do their bidding, terrorizing the locals for tribute of food, clothing, livestock or spare children (who they eat). In exchange, these hags will act as local herbalists and potion-makers, even occasionally teaching wilderness lore to local students. Tree Hags are often accompanied by Ogres (their husbands), Trolls (their sons), and plant monsters. Occasionally goblinoids such as Bugbears, Goblins and Hobgoblins will serve a Tree Hag as lackeys.
In the lands of Ameru-Ka, Tree Hags generally keep to wild stretches of wilderness and avoid the politics of other Hag and Troll societies. Most prefer small town politics of farm, field and family, and often rule over areas much like the classic mountain witch.

These stats are made for use with the Blood & Treasure 2nd Edition RPG by John Stater. Its a fun D20 based game that has an old-school feel. Check it out!
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