Monday, March 26, 2018


“Never believe in conspiracy, become the conspiracy.” - Alhireth-Hotep, Arcanoloth Merchant
The Arcanaloth Consortium is a trade alliance between various Arcanaloths (Jackal headed fiends with an affinity for magic, trade, and the construction of spelljamming components), they supply ships and refitting’s to anyone with the money for it. They are always looking to make a deal, or open new trade networks. They defend what's theirs with as much devotion as they put towards trying to sell what's theirs to you.
The creation of Arcane spaceships requires the services of spellcasters of sufficient skill can craft any of a variety of magical ship’s helms that can provide motive flight to a vehicle. They can also embed several magic rune covered spikes into a helm to provide it with a stable atmospheric envelope, or enspell lead disks for fitting into the decking to generate gravity. However, the work of a spellcaster of that level of skill isn’t cheap. For those looking to acquire such wonders more cost effectively, there is always the option of simply buying the desired magical enhancements from a ubiquitous if untrustwort source: the fiendish Arcanaloths.
These fiends can be encountered in any moderately sized space port city, and always have a variety of magic helms or other ship systems for sale. This is despite never being encountered traveling the space lanes, let alone operating ships of their own. Likewise, no one knows where or how they produce their wares. Despite these mysteries, the quality of their products is always good and their prices infamously undercuts all the competition. Of course, no one fully trusts the fiends, but that doesn’t stop them from doing brisk business in most ports.
Symbol: Jackal head
Headquarters: The Arcanoloth Consortium has no one headquarters, preferring to maintain chapter houses on numerous space stations and on hot planetoids. Most notable is the chapter house on the cluster world of Istra and on the blasted desert world of Stilbon, where a number of Arcanoloth have made permanent homes.

Space Whales are rich in many natural resources that are of use to the construction of Arcane Spacecraft, and so the Arcanoloth Consortium sponsors space-whaling vessels (often crewed by Orcs) to hunt the creatures. Other space-creatures also have value for this and similar creatures, but the fact that space whales are such intelligent, soulful creatures makes them of particular value to Arcanaloth sponsored magical processes.

The Arcanaloth Consortium sponsors many Warlocks of Fiendish patronage, who can swear to an individually powerful Arcanoloth, or to the Consortium as a whole, and thus considered a valuable asset of the Consortium.

Fallen Paladins following an Oath of Treachery can be found serving the Consortium as valued servants. Such Blackguards often head mercenary bands in service to the Arcanaloths.

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