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Special Equipment
These items are commonly found in Spaceports, on Ships and in the possession of spacers. These are all items that space travelers will see fairly regularly. Either as part of a ships fixtures, or as personal items.

Clockwork Arm – 500gp
The clockwork arm appears to be a normal arm sleeved in plate armor, but when one listens closely the sound of gears whirring and clicking can be heard whenever the arm moves. First perfected by gnomes, clockwork arms are now built by several master smiths. The clockwork arm provides a near-perfect semblance of full functionality but is quite expensive.
Wearing a clockwork arm grants a character a +2 bonus to Strength when determining lifting/carrying capacity and for attacks and damage with weapons wielded by the clockwork arm (the bonus does not apply to weapons wielded by the other arm, except for two-handed weapons), as well as for grappling. It also negates the wearer’s penalties for losing an arm at the shoulder or elbow.

Clockwork Leg – 800gp
Similar to the clockwork arm, the clockwork leg appears to be an armored leg that clicks and whirs as it moves. The clockwork leg was another gnomish invention. The leg provides a near-perfect return to full functionality and mobility for the wearer, but is very expensive. The clockwork leg negates the wearer’s penalties for losing a leg at the knee.

Clothes, Spacer’s – 10gp
A set of stellar whale leather boots, gloves, overalls and coat. The leather gear has extensive fasteners, ties, straps and buckles. If all parts are worn and properly the clothing protects against exposure to vacuum to everywhere but the head.

Compass – 100gp, ¼ lb.
A tiny, simple with a pointer that always points north. All Wisdom(Survival) checks made to determine location and direction using a compass are made with Advantage.

Gaff/Hook Hand - 25 gp
A simple metal gaff hook, like those used by sailors and longshoremen, mounted on a harness that fits over the character’s stump. It is only capable of the crudest manipulation and does not have a grip. It is impossible to hold a tool or weapon with this hand, but it can be used for opening doors or loosely holding onto things. It is otherwise similar to a sculpted hand. A hook hand deals 1d4 (19-20/x2) piercing damage when used in combat, and is considered a light simple weapon. The character wearing a gaff hand also receives a +5 circumstance bonus to Intimidate checks, if the hook is used as part of the intimidation. The gaff hand reduces the penalty to Climb, Craft, Open Lock, Sleight of Hand, and Use Magic Device checks from -5 to -2.

Goggles – 1gp
A pair of goggles can block out the soot and wind while traveling or protect the vision of the wearer from smoke, sparks and other hazards. They also help your character look the part.

Lungstone Earrings – 10gp
Two small shards of magical whale lungstone set in functional fasteners. Designed to use as little lungstone as possible, each stone provides a half foot radius of air envelope around it, and when the pair is combined with Spacer’s Clothing, allow the user to safely be exposed to vacuum for up to an hour before the air goes completely stale. These earrings are simpler versions of the Air Envelope magic necklaces that can be crafted by any competent jeweler with access to a stellar whale lungstone, and without any spellcasting ability needed.

Spacer’s Pack – 28gp
A suit of spacer’s clothing, a pair of lungstone earrings, a backpack, a bedroll (hammock), 10 days dry rations, a water skin, a winter blanket, a mess kit, and a signal whistle.

Tool/Utility Belt – 2gp, 2 Lb.
A sturdy belt made from leather with numerous covered pockets to hold small tools and supplies,
making it easy to keep about 10 pounds of items on hand.

Technology in the Draconic Empire is slightly more advanced than on “grounder” worlds. Of particular note is the development of gunpowder. Muskets, Pistols, and even bombs are accessible within the empire. Use the rules as provided on page 267 of the DMG. Cannons, DMG p255, are fairly common weaponry on starships within the empire. For members of the empire, muskets and pistols count as martial ranged weapons.  For “groundlings” the weapons are typically unfamiliar, at least at first, but for those with martial weapons training, they can develop the proficiency with downtime training. Like any other ranged projectile weapon, firearms and bullets can accept magical improvements just like bows and arrows.

Magic Items

Air Envelope Necklace (Wondrous Item, Uncommon)
These magic necklaces provide protection to their wearer against vacuum exposure, and are sometimes used by explorers that need to inspect areas beyond a ship’s air envelope. They always generate at 2’ air envelope around themselves, and provide immunity to vacuum exposure to their wearers immediately when worn.  The air envelope provides up to 4 hours of breathable air for it’s user.

Astrolabe (Wondrous Item, Uncommon)
The astrolabe is a large, fixed device used to display the location of celestial bodies. It must be used in a dark room where no bright lights can disturb the projection. The projection creates a to scale three-dimensional picture of the solar system that shows the orbital path and the current location of every large or major celestial body within the system. Cost: 12,000 gp; Weight: 10 lbs.

Conjuring Musket/Pistol (Weapon/Firearm, Uncommon, Requires Attunement)
These magical firearms conjure their own ammunition, making it possible to fire it without first Loading it or even having access to gunpowder or bullets. The gun starts with 7 charges and regains 1d6+1 at dawn each day. They can be loaded and fired normally as well, and counts as a magic weapon.

Floatanchor (Wondrous Item, Uncommon)
This device allows a spelljamming vessel to levitate in place above the ground without fear of
crashing due to gravity. It appears much like a standard anchor, with a heavy chain 500 ft. in length. One end is affixed to a vessel with a spelljammer helm and the other end (with the anchor) rests on the ground. While levitating in this manner, the ship neither rises nor falls, though it is subject to wind and
storms. Cost: 10,000 gp; Weight: 500 lbs.

Lantern of Air Purity (Wondrous Item, Uncommon)
Frequently used on ships making long trips, this magic lantern not only provides light like a normal lantern, but as it burns it converts stale air into fresh, undoing a half hours-worth of breathing for each minute it burns, or negating 30 people’s worth of breathing for each minute it is active.  The lantern burns oil just like any other lantern, but the light tends to take on a blue-ish tinge, becoming bluer the more stale the air is.

Never Ending Barrel of Salt Pork (Wondrous Item, Uncommon)
Another worry that ship captains have is being able to store food safely on their ships, especially on the long journeys between crystal spheres. Food kept in dark, and a damp cargo hold has the unsavory habit of turning bad and spoiling quickly. Therefore, other means to preserve food need to be found. Salting meats and vegetables is a common practice. This curbs spoilage, but storing the bulk and the extra weight of the meat and salt is a problem. The never-ending barrel of salt pork allows the ship's cook to pull up to 100 pounds of salted pork each day (feeding about 50 crewmen). Once the salt is scraped, shaken, and dissolved off, the meat can be cooked, rendering a safe (although somewhat salty) meal.
Cost: 20,000 gp; Weight: 150 lbs.

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