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Adreshan (Moon)
Region(s): Outworlds
Sector: Tucana sector
System: Vaeri System (HD 215497)
Planet: Achuak
Orbital period: 402 standard days
Physical information
Diameter: 4,900 km
Atmosphere: Tropical to subtropical, violent storms, dense fog
Climate: Periods of storms, wind and rain
Primary terrain: Jungle, Savannahs, Swamp, Wetlands, Mountains

Adreshan is a beautiful, savage world that orbits the green gas giant Achuak of the Vaeri System. This planet is teeming with life similar to that found on Earth during the Mesozoic era, including dinosaurs as well as other creatures. Adreshan was officially conquered by the Dragon Empire nearly a hundred years ago, though the planet is still quite wild and considered a backwater (though a wealthy one).  
Adreshan is ruled by the regional Governess, Haruna Greencomb, a Green Great Wyrm of tremendous wisdom and cunning. It is rumored that she is exiled from the Imperial court, and is looking to regain her position through wealth. Whatever the case, Governess Greencomb is a ruthless ruler who intends to squeeze every drop of wealth from this verdant world.
The planet is home to a mish-mash of cultures and races. The original peoples were a savage assortment of Human, Halfling, and Dwarf kingdoms with some tribes of Aarakokra, Kobolds, Lizardfolk and other creatures. All of these were the frequent prey and slaves of the Batrachi Empire. Now with the coming of the Dragon Empire the planet now hosts a large number of other races, especially Dragonborn, Elves, Gnomes, and weirder beings.
The Empire is eager to draw resources from Adreshan, and towards this end massive Mithril mines are underway on Adreshan, Plion* and Theporia*. These along with extensive harvesting of plant and animal resources and other specialized goods are all major industries here, and likely to grow.

*Neighboring planets.


Hurthinium City 
Population: 67,257 Adults
Gold Piece Limit: 160,000.00
Wealth: 538,056,000.00gp
Income for Governess: 269,028.00
Magic Resources: 53,805,600.00
Imports: Salt, Slaves, Grain, Leather Goods, Iron, Coal, Fruit
Exports: Mithril, Orgone, Specialized Goods, Rare Herbs, Spices, Slaves
Famous: Aqueducts,  Exotic Animals and Temples
Infamous: Politics, Drugs, Slavery, Thieves Guild

This is a HUGE port city along the coast, and seat of the Imperial Court on Adreshan. It is an immense place that is full of industry, magic and people of all sorts. Hurthinium is at a roughly Renaissance technology level and sports a large air fleet and a standing army of five legions (25,000 troops) plus local conscripts. Ethanol gas lamps keep the city streets lit around the clock and cunning ventilation keeps homes comfortable in the heat.
The city boasts marble architecture covered in beautiful carvings and dotted with statues and fountains. Even the slums and rougher ends of the city sport carvings, gargoyles and cunning structures. The streets are built to accommodate dinosaur mounts and beasts of burden, and so are wide and sturdily built.
Aetherdrome- This torus shaped structure is where spelljammers and flying vessels come to land and to launch back into the void.
Celestial Temple- A grand temple dedicated to the Nine Gods. This temple is a fortress and houses many Clerics, Monks and Paladins. 
Grand Arena-  Athletic competition is very popular in Imperial lands. Smaller arenas dot the land, but this is the largest.

This is the starting location of the player characters. It is a backwater world that is going through major changes. Plenty of room for PC's to stretch their wings and get into trouble.

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