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Cost: 228,000gp
Speed: 60ft/40mph
Crew: 12
Passengers: 28
Cargo: 28 tons
AC: 17  
Hit Points: 1,920
Damage Threshold: 20
Blunt Ram; +5 To hit, Melee Weapon Attack: 2x2 Square in front. Hit: 36 (3d10+8). Bludgeoning damage.
2 cannons (f) crew: 2) Ranged Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, range 600/2,400 ft., one target. Hit: 44 (8d10) bludgeoning damage. 
1 Cannon (a) (crew: 2) Ranged Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, range 600/2,400 ft., one target. Hit: 44 (8d10) bludgeoning damage.

The archelon is the standard capital-class ship favored by Tortle, Dragonborn and humans. Time has proven the archelon’s worthiness, however. Though only a handful of these titanic vessels have ever been constructed, every one of those is reported to still be in fine shape and fully functional. Loosely modeled after great sea turtles, the archelon typically serves as a battleship, leading groups of hammerships and tradesman through space to their destination. A number of Archelon ships are dedicated to purely to scientific exploration of the stars, and are often the subject of spacers tales.

Archelon ships lack the sails and rigging that is normally found on spelljammers. Instead, these turtle vessels have mechanical flippers that steer and propel the vessels in space and in the water. The machinery that makes this possible is a gnomish or kobold design, depending on who you ask. Archelon ship s can land on the land and water.

An Archelon crew is 12. The captain will be a powerful warrior, usually of 9th level or higher, and at least 16 of the crew are veteran warriors of 3rd level. There are also at least 2 clerics. These clerics may serve as pilots, or a human mage may be hired to serve in this capacity. illithid crews tend to be organized along the same lines as the crew of a Nautiloid. 

Away from planets and other large objects, a archelon flies through space at what is called cruising speed. The cruising speed of an Archelon ship  allows a ship to travel between adjacent planets in 2d6+2 days (The random element assumes that even adjacent planets may be in different parts of their orbits). In extreme circumstances, you could double or even triple these times.

These vessels come equipped with two Lanterns of Air Purity and an Astrolabe. See Special Equipment for details. Any other equipment must be purchased by the owners/crew.

Ship Uses
Trader: Turtle Ships used as traders are not cheap, but have good cargo capacity, and are well-protected against pirates. 

Warship: Tortlenow primarily use the Turtle Ship as a combat vessel, exploring dangerous sectors of space, escorting traders, and defending major scalykind colonies. These powerful ships typically travel in twos and threes in order to ensure that such a ship doesn't fall into the hands of an enemy.

Slaver: Mind flayers use the heavily armoured and enclosed Turtle Ship as a slaving craft, fitting the cargo deck out as a massive slave pen filled with manacles and cages. The helm is often replaced with a series helm.

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