Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mythic Eighties: Agents of The Overmen

I have to say that of the power players mentioned in the Mythic Eighties, it is the Overmen that I feel drawn to most to as villains. Theres just something about Nazis as charismatic villains. Few people sympathize with them, and so they make for enemies one feels *safe* to call evil without political correctness getting in the way.
Gamemasters should use The Overmen with care. These arent stupid foes, though weird plots hatched by agents can be quite excentric (even, dare I say MAD?), involving death rays, time travel and giant kill-bots and the like. Whatever their methods, The Overmen should always have class. Beautifully appointed lairs, snappy clothing, classical music and fine art are always present in even the rudest hideouts.
That said, below are some excellent agents of the Overmen to bedevil the efforts of the heroes.

Note: This is intended for material to flesh out the Four Color Role-Playing Game, but could be used for other systems.

The Harvester (Dr. Krohn)
A handsome and deadly superman (seen here as an up-and-coming Nazi soldier) and true believer of the Nazi cause. Over 80 years of age, though appearing as in his late 30’s, and possessing tremendous strength, speed, endurance, as well as tremendous intellectual and technical abilities. Krohn embodies the Aryan ideal of physical perfection and towering intellect. He is now the leader of the Overmen and a living symbol of its cause.
Blond and extremely handsome, the Harvester is as evil as they come though not without manners towards those he considers intelligent and civilized foes (non-jewish whites for instance). Wherever he is found, Dr. Krohn is always in the center of a web of evil, with numerous zealous operatives.
Traits: Appearance 3, Athletics 4(2), Body 4(2), Inventor 4(4), Knowledge (history) 3, Luck 4(5), Medical 4, Perception 3, Persuasion 4, Ranged Combat 3, Science 4(4), Unarmed Combat 4, Wealth 4(2), Willpower 4(2), Oomph 2.
Typical Equipment: Pistol, exquisite clothes, german sports car, gorgeous woman, weird super-science device.
Wound Points: 44

Gamemaster Notes: Above all, Dr. Krohn has class, gorgeous clothes, beautiful women (who are always madly in love/lust with him), classic cars and beautiful lairs/hideouts are all in his MO. He will have many goons at his disposal as well as gadgets of every sort. When taking action himself, The Harvester is a killer without pause. So heroes beware!

The Wolfsange (Werewolf)
Elite operatives of The Overmen. These guys are as evil as they come, obeying the elite of the Overmen without question. They practically worship Dr. Krohn. All are blond haired and blue eyed men and women of tremendous physical condition and considerable combat and survival training.
These are not thugs, but elite soldiers of great skill and intelligence. They are also completely loyal to the Overmens cause, and will gladly die for their beliefs.
Traits: Appearance 2, Armed Combat 2, Athletics 3, Body 3, Knowledge (any one) 3, Ranged Combat 3, Unarmed Combat 2, Survival 3, Willpower 4.
Typical Equipment: pistol, machine gun. Weird weapons and sometimes powered armor.
Wound Points: 41

Some other Nazi stuff for use in The Mythic Eighties (or other four-color) games.

The Omega File: all about the possibilities of a Nazi base in Antarctica.

Nazi UFO's: No really!

Nazi Superscience: Below is a propaganda film from Nazi Germany. Great stuff!

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