Monday, February 25, 2013

Pangea: Music To Game By

The Lost World - Michael Stearns 
Michael Stearns is a U.S. musician and composer of ambient music. Much of his music is perfect for the feel of Pangea, having an epic but very human feel to it. The Lost World has more than just the title to lend itself well to the story of Pangea, it is a moody and energetic journey.

Steve Roach - Earthman 
Steve Roach is a U.S. composer and performer of ambient and tribal-ambient music, whose recordings are also classified in the genres of space, drone, New Age, and electronic music.
Earthman is pretty perfect for the feel of Pangea. The music has a slow, moody buildup that seems to promise excitement around the corner. Excellent for keeping the mood of a journey through wild country.

Yor: The Hunter From the Future - title theme (Yor's World) 
The opening credits to the incomparable YOR, featuring the title song by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis (Oliver Onions). Personally, I can BARELY understand a word these guys are singing about, but it calls to the goofy-grim feel that can help make a Pangean campaign fun.

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