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Pangea: Races Part 2

Across the vast expanse of Pangea are a great number of peoples, races and creatures. As a Sword and Sorcery setting (with some High Fantasy leanings), Pangea focuses on humankind. But for the full feel and scope of the setting to hit home, numerous human "races" are presented as player characters. In the last installment I presented the Adamu (Homo Sapiens), Dakkati (Neanderthals) and the mighty Kabiri (Meganthropus). All of these races are more-or-less human, or at least close enough that they have similar habits, tastes, needs and desires.
Below are two more races of human-kin that help make the world of Pangea a more interesting place. Even though they do occasionally live alongside one another, more often than not differing races do not get along. Even in mixed communities friction and even open hatred is common.

Awani (Homo Erectus)
Awani warrior with a fire-hardened spear.
The Awani are a primitive race of people closely related to both the Adamu and Kabiri. Awani are as tall or taller than the Adamu, averaging six feet in height in males and five and a half feet tall in females. Awani have ape-like faces, with heavy brows and large jaws.
The Awani are a brutish, short-sighted people who prefer violence and action to higher pursuits, and are notorious as raiders and thieves. On their own they live simple lives of hunter-gatherers, but will take on a raiding culture when they encounter other people who are weaker than themselves.
Awani are often used as cheap minions and soldiers for powerful wizards and warlords. However this requires a firm hand as the Awani are a lazy and dirty people, and prone to picking fights at very bad times.
Awani prefer warm lands, particularly forests and rough hills where there is ample game. Awani are usually nomadic, but set up temporary villages of hide, wood and bone. Such communities are ruled by the biggest, toughest Awani (male or female), who rules through force and cunning.
Awani have a deep respect and reverence of fire, and all of their chief spiritual beliefs all revolve around this element. Fire gods such as Cacus The Galloping Flame, and Belos the Bull are favored over other gods.
True Clerics of Heaven are extremely rare among the Awani, with Druids or Sorcerers taking the place of spellcasting priests.
The Awani are Stone Age people, using simple tools, fire-hardened spears, and hide and bone clothing and devices. They must trade and/or steal more advanced tools and armor, however such items usually fall apart due to disrepair. Most Awani think metal-working is magic, and are deeply respectful of blacksmiths.
Awani modify their starting ability scores as follows: Str +2 (max 18), Int -1, Wis -1 and Cha -1. Awani have darkvision to a range of 60 feet. They speak their own clan language, and might also learn Common, Dakkati, Ignam and Hill Giant. Awani can multi‐class as assassin/clerics, assassin/fighters and assassin/ magic‐users.

Ruhin (Homo floresiensis)
Ruhin family along the forests edge.
The Ruhin are a small race of people that share a close relation to the Awani and distantly to Adamu. Ruhin average only three feet in height and have a distinctly ape-like look. Despite appearances the Ruhin are a cunning and organized people that are excellent trackers, hunters and thieves. These skills serve them well in the wild and in dealing with other peoples.
Ruhin are a quiet and clannish people who prefer to operate unobserved by the "giant races" who the Ruhin see as needlessly loud and smelly. Amongst themselves of close friends, the Ruhin are a clever and witty people who love games, food and strong drink.
In mixed communities, the Ruhin are often night workers, vermin catchers and thieves.
Ruhin love warm forests, and areas near trees where they can make use of shadow and cover. They have a deep fear of flying predators, as their small size makes them easy prey for aerial attackers. Airdragons (Pterasaurs) and giant serpents are both considered major enemies and are seen as evil by the Ruhin.
Like the Awani, the Ruhin are Stone Age people, though they are better able to use and maintain equipment bought, stolen or traded from other peoples than the Awani. Ruhin prefer slings, spears and other thrown weapons, and make ample use of traps, nets and other weapons that trip up larger creatures.
Religious traditions are well-developed among the Ruhin, with Druids and Adepts being central figures in Ruhin communities, though true Clerics are very rare. Reverence of a wide host of gods and goddesses such as Tsetse, the Darting Wrath (Raptor Goddess), and Nyonye Ngana (Ant God) to name only a few.
Ruhin characters modify their starting ability scores as follows: Str ‐1, Dex +1, Int ‐1. Ruhin have a land speed of 20 feet and have darkvision out to 60 feet. Ruhin have a knack for hide and moving silently. Ruhin speak their own language and might also learn Common, Dakkati, Draconic, Awani and Hill Giant. They can multiclass as druid/thieves, fighter/thieves and magic-user/ thieves.

Whats Next?
Coming up is more cultural details of the lands of the Adamu and their kin, as well as info on the local flora and fauna. Pangea is a big place, and a great many interesting people and places are to be found in its vast terrain. Lots to come, so stay tuned!
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