Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Voidjammer: Lizardmen

Lizardman Fighter/Sorcerer
Lizardmen are reptilian humanoids that are well established in space, being found in most large spaceports as well as in colonies of their own.
While not among the more brilliant races found in space, they are on a par with halflings and humans. Depending on their world of origin, they vary from five to seven feet tall. Their scaly reptilian skin is normally brownish green to light green, but in space societies they decorate themselves with extensive tattoos and body paints.
The differences between males and females are indistinguishable to non-reptilians, and Lizardmen have no female pronouns in their language. So they are all considered "Lizardmen", regardless of gender.
Lizard men tend to be short tempered and emotional, with little patience for warm-blooded beings of other races. Their name for others is "BreK/qq/zz" which is derived from the lizard man word for "prey." Lizard men are usually neutral, tending towards chaotic behavior, but there are lawful and good members of the race, as well. Regardless of alignment, lizardmen are considered "savages" by the standards of most humanoid races.
Lizard men have appetites that rival the halflings' legendary love of food. Unlike halflings, they are more omnivorous and less choosy about cooking their meals. Lizard men in space generally do not kill other sentients for food, but are not above scavenging among the dead for interesting tidbits.
Lizardmen have a fondness for Druidic magic, though they do sometimes have other kinds of magic users acting as spiritual leaders. Lizardman spirituality is full of taboos and rituals relating to the hunt, ancestors and living things. Familiars, mounts and animal allies are almost always reptiles.
Lizardmen modify their starting ability scores as follows: Str +1, Con +1, Int -1. Lizardmen enjoy a +1 bonus to Armor Class from their thick, scaly hides. Lizardmen have a bite attack that deals 1d6 damage. They can hold their breath for up to 12 rounds and have a swim speed of 20.
They can multi-class as druid/fighters, fighter/sorcerers and fighter/thieves. They have unlimited advancement as Druids, but can only advance to 9th level in other classes. Lizardmen speak their own language, and might also speak Draconic, Goblin or Troglodyte.

Lizardman Variants 
Lizardmen live in all manner of hot climates. Steamy jungles are the most common climate for their race, but a number of Lizardman tribes live in hot forests, mountains and deserts. Those lizardmen who come from mountainous or wooded environments replace the swim speed of 20 with a climb speed, and those who dwell in deserts replace it with a burrow speed. All lizardmen can hold their breath for up to 12 rounds.

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