Friday, April 11, 2014

Voidjammer: Minoi (Tinker Gnomes)

Minoi (Tinker Gnomes)
Minoi are a race of gnomes who are widely represented throughout Wildspace. Unlike other gnome races, the Minoi are not particularly skilled in illusion, preferring to pursue invention and natural philosophy.
The gnomes of wildspace are a gadget-happy race that will invent something to solve a problem, then invent a second item to solve the problems caused by the first invention, a third invention to solve the problems of the second, and so forth ad infinitum and ad nauseum. It is little wonder that these inventive creatures came across methods to hoist themselves (willingly or no) beyond the atmosphere and into wildspace.
Minoi have incorporated well into interstellar society. They have a fairly loose structure in space, no more than a scattering of ships and a growing number of gnomes living in human settlements.
Minoi are about three feet tall and weigh 45-50 lbs. Gnomes have round ears and large noses. They tend to dress in outlandish garb, preferring function over style. They often wear leather aprons with many pockets bristling with tools, notes, papers, pencils, and various other gadgets.
Minoi are small creatures with a base speed of 20 feet. They have darkvision to a range of 60 feet and have a knack for find traps and remove traps.
Minoi are quick of body and mind, adding one point to their starting Dexterity and Intelligence scores. Unfortunately the Minoi often get a bit carried away, and so lose two points of their starting Wisdom scores. These ability modifications cannot increase a score above 18 or reduce it below 3.
Minoi are always proficient in the use of crossbows (Hand, light and repeating), pistols and arquebuses. Minoi receive a +2 bonus on Reflex saving throws against fireballs, traps and explosions.
Minoi speak Common and Gnome. They might also speak Dwarven, Elven, Halfling, Orc.
Minoi can multi-class as Cleric/Scientists, Scientist/Thief or Magic User/ Leech.

Minoi Technology
The minoi are obsessed with learning through action and full immersion in a subject. Careful research and planning is for sissys in the mind of a tinker gnome, who prefer to roll up their sleeves and get to work. This does not mean that they are incapable of planning and research, far from it. But it does mean that they love complexity and experimentation for the sheer love of it. Often to the detriment of the final product.
Most inventions of the Minoi are Rube Goldberg like gadgets that are unnecessarily complex, but some are actually quite brilliant. Pulleys, wheels, whirring and ticking, all painted in the bright colors so adored by the gnomes. The end result often looks like an otherwise functional device, home or vehicle mixed with an amusement park or circus.
Voidjammer vessels made or altered by Minoi are amazing affairs, and are often much larger than necessary. All Minoi vessels have sidewheels that look like riverboat paddlewheels that house Giant Space Hamsters (no really) whose energetic running supplies considerable power to the vessel.
To make the mechanically crazy atmosphere of a Minoi community or vessel, Gamemasters should make liberal use of mechanical Animated Objects, Automatons, Living Statue (Iron), Shield Guardians and variations on the Apparatus of the Crab (doesn't have to look like a crab). Visitors should feel like they are in a potentially deadly amusement park.

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