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Voidjammer: Fraal and Oortlings

Small Humanoid, Neutral (LN), High Intelligence; Company(1d6)
HD 1
AC 14 (Fraal Body Cowl)
ATK By weapon or spells
MV 30
SV F 14, R 16, W 15
XP 50 (CL 1)
Sometimes known simply as the visitors, the fraal are highly sophisticated humanoids from somewhere else. Some sages speculate that these visitors come from either another plane of existence. Of seemingly fragile build, the fraal rely on devices of unusual workmanship and power to protect themselves. These devices are not magical; in fad, the fraal know almost nothing of magic.
The fraal are thin humanoids, averaging about five feet in height. They can be distinguished by their large eyes, their pale, almost luminous skin, their swept-back ears, and their round heads. Most fraal encountered so far have been bald, although some individuals have been encountered who have wisps of silver, white, or pale-yellow hair. A most disconcerting element is that all fraal display a wizened countenance, much like the eldest of wizards.
The frail have limited telepathic abilities, being able to communicate telepathically with sentient creatures up to 150 feet away. This also allows them to attempt to implant a suggestion, per the spell, three times per day in other humanoids. They have been known to speak Common to those not of their kind, though they speak it slowly and with some difficulty. Their words display a quiet demeanor and they are not given to excitement or violent emotion.
If fraal should find combat unavoidable, they rely upon psionics (spells) and/or bodyguards of some kind. Any aggressive force of Fraal will have a number of robotic servants (use shield guardian or living statue stats). Hand crossbows and scientific weapons are common.

Special Abilities: Limited Telepathy (150 ft range).
Spells: 3/day - suggestion.

Fraal modify their starting ability scores as follows: Str -2, Con -1, Int +2, Cha +1. They are small creatures but have a standard speed of 30 ft. per round. Fraal have limited telepathic abilities, being able to communicate telepathically with sentient creatures up to 150 feet away. This also allows them to attempt to implant a suggestion, per the spell, once per day in other humanoids. Fraal have a knack for Decipher Codes and have darkvision out to 60 feet. Fraal are proficient in the hand crossbow and all pistols.
Fraal can multi-class as leech/sorcerers*, sorcerer*/scientists, sorcerer*/thieves, and scientist/leeches.
*Note: If psionics are used, replace scientist with psychic.

Fraal scientists are famous for their magnificent work, and are highly valued as weapon-makers. Below are a two specialized gadgets commonly found in Fraal markets.

Fraal Body Cowl
The Fraal body cowl, consists of a small latex like rubbery material worn as a belt, with a small
battery attached. When switched on the material flows like liquid over the wearer, upto the neck and to the wrists  and ankles only. Thus forming a rigid set of lightweight flexible armour.
AC 14, counts as clothing and not armor.
Weight 4lbs, Cost 1000gp (500gp for Fraal buyers)

Fraal Firerod
The Fraal Firerod is a weapon that looks much like a hand crossbow or pistol though lacking any obvious place for ammunition. When fired the Fraal Firerod fires a ray of scorching energy. Each ray is directed at a target within 30ft, who can avoid the ray with a successful Reflex saving throw. Each ray deals 4d6 points of fire damage.
Weight 3lbs, Cost 2000gp (1000gp for Fraal)

OORTLING (Degenerate Fraal)
Small Humanoid, Neutral (N), Low Intelligence; Herd (2d6)*
HD 0
AC 13
ATK Slam (1d2)
MV 30
SV F 14, R 16, W 16
XP 25 (CL 0)

Oortlings are a pathetic race descended from the Fraal. They dwell on wildspace comets. While the oortlings once had a fairly sophisticated culture, but they were dominated by the Thulid Nations. The thulids that ply wildspace keep them as “cattle”. An Oortling is a small sized hairless humanoid with an unusually large head. Their skin is soft and smooth and nearly white as the snow found on their comets. Within their skulls are the overdeveloped brains of the oortlings, breeding has prevented them from fully using its potential.

Special qualities: Resistance to cold.

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