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Voidjammer: The Thulid Nations

The Thulid Nations comprise a number of types of creatures that are somehow part of a greater species. These creatures do not share the particulars concerning their species beyond reassurances that they are of one race, and allied in a greater nation. The differing types of Thulid include Mind Eaters, Neothelids, Neh‐thalggus, Half-Thulids and related subspecies.
The Thulids are a major race in space. They have their own navies and colonies, and engage in brisk trade with everyone, including the neogi. Their success in space gives cause for concern, since on the ground they are mostly creatures of the deep underdark, light-hating and rarely seen by men. The nautiloid is the most common mind flayer craft in operation, though they use a variety of human-built ships modified to their needs. With the introduction of the pool helms, larger mind flayer craft may be on the way.
Thulids in space may be neutral (non-evil) in alignment, though tales of a lawful good mind eater are just so much space dust. Thulids engaging in deals with other thinking creatures make a point of eating only the brains of criminals and brain mold. In those rare areas where there is a thulid enclave near a human settlement, there is usually a brisk brain-trade business.
Thulid colonies are often found in asteroids, in the underdark or on worlds relatively far from a spheres sun(s). Planets and moons in the Cool Orbital Zone of a Crystal Sphere (solar system) are attractive to Thulid colonists, who use their grasp of strange technologies and planar gates to make otherwise uninhabitable worlds livable. Such colonies are often dark, wet and cool, but liveable. A sizeable slave population is always present on Thulid colonies.

The Thulid Nations are great proponents of both psionics (or Sorcerer class), magic and science (see Scientist class). Thulid mage-scientists developed both the Series and Pool e Helms and have a wide range of other devices. One device widely known and feared amongst the Thulids is the Silver Cylinder,see below:

Silver Cylinders
CostL 18,000gp (unavailable to non-Thulids)
Cylinders made of a silverish metal in which the Thulids can place the transplanted brains of different species throughout the known and unknown universe. Wires attached to the cylinder and subsequently the brain inside can be hooked to seeing, hearing, and speaking devices. While in the cylinder, the brain is virtually immortal, while the body of the donor can be held indefinitely in suspended animation. The cylinders allow the brains within to be transported through the void of space.
Silver Cylinders are created by Thulid Scientists, and use the equivalent of the 9th level Soul Bind spell.

Colossal Vehicle
HD: 35 (285 hp)
AC: 17
Speed: As Helm and Helmsmen
Atk: 5 or 1, 3 medium ballistae (crew 2 each), 1 medium catapult (forward, crew 3), 1 medium jettison (rear, crew 3), OR Ram (3d8).
SV: 3 (magic item)
Crew: 10/35
Air Capacity: 3,920 man days.
Landing: Water
Power Type: Series Helm or Pool Helm
Cargo: 6 tons
Keel/Beam Length: 125/30ft
Cost: 47,250gp

The nautiloid reflects the nature of the alien thulids. Its coiled shell provides the comfort of enclosed space which protectings the thulids from the rays of the fire/radiant bodies. It is the standard ship of the line of the spacefaring Thulids nations.
    A standard mind eater crew has 10 illithids, plus 2-5 additional flayers (depending upon the number of series helms in use). The number of series helms in use determines the ship's tactical speed. A mind eater ship has a single captain and first officer, the remainder of the group being crew.
    If additional crewmen are on board, they are nearly always slaves of the thulids. These expendable slaves (treat most of the slaves as either commoners or experts of 1st thru 4th level) are used to man the catapults, while the alien thulids remain in relative comfort of the interior. Humans are the slaves of choice, but sometimes other races can be found as slaves on a nautiloid.

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