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Voidjammer: The New Drule Empire

The New Drule Empire is a vast, interstellar empire ruled by Drule Blueskins. This empire is presently seeking complete control of a region of space known as The Shadow Nebula, an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases and magic-enhancing substances. Within The Shadow Nebula, a large number of habitable worlds are known to exist, as well as ample amounts of magical substances such as Corite (positive energy) and Haggarium (negative energy) and other substances.
Also known as the Galran Empire, The New Drule Empire is an attempt by the Drule Blueskins to re-establish the ancient and scattered Drule Empire. In this effort, the Empire is seeking to control potent magics so as to construct a massive fleet of ships and a vast army of troops and Robeasts to conquer all of space. The Empire is centered on the planet Galra (see below), but has conquered numerous worlds across the Nebula.

Politics and Government
The planet is ruled by a kingdom, headed by the quarrelsome and evil Daibazaal family from the massive Castle Doom on Galra. The King serves as the head of state, presiding over a council of Drule noblemen. Each of the noblemen are in charge of vast resources, planets and factions of the Empire.
A steady policy of infighting, assassination and arguments is common in The Empire, resulting in only the most vicious, cunning and paranoid retaining leadership positions for any time. Because of this, the Empire has no use for mercy, or justice. But they do operate under a legal system presided over by the King and the clerics of the goddess Honerva (Chaotic Clerics) and their Drule Antipaladin enforcers.

Under the command of the king, the military conducts combat operations. The Doom military has fleets of spacecraft, wings of combat and support aircraft, and armies. The mainstay of the kingdom's ground forces are Doomite Undead (see below), who are "created" from the life-force of slaves using the planets negative energy properties. In addition to conventional forces, Robeasts provide extra muscle.

The Empire relies heavily on slave labor, sending Doomite Freighters to the far reaches of the universe looking for slaves. Though many slaves are sent to labor in the mines, the more interesting sorts are made to fight in the Arena at Castle Doom. In the arena, slaves must battle Robeasts and other foes for the amusement of the nobles and Doomites. Those who die are used as feed for the robeasts, and their souls captured to make Doomites. Those who survive will eventually be transformed into Robeasts.

Galra (aka Planet Doom)
Galra, also known as Planet Doom, is the seat of The New Drule Empire. It is a harsh, unforgiving world that is nonetheless quite rich in material wealth. The mines of Galra have a seemingless endless amount of ferrous metals, possibly due to a number of elemental gates leading to the Elemental Plane of Earth and Fire. The negative-energy ore known as Haggarium is in great abundance.
Galra is a dark and gloomy world yet there is always enough light to see by due to the nearly continuous fires and eerie magical lights. 
Some areas on the planet have only the minor negative-dominant trait, and these regions tend to be inhabited by Drule Blueskins and their favored slaves. The rest of the planet is major negative-dominant trait. Some areas on the planet have only the minor negative-dominant trait, and these regions tend to be inhabited by Drule Blueskins and their favored slaves. The rest of the planet is major negative-dominant trait. 
Spells and special abilities that use negative energy have all their variables maximized.Spells that use positive energy, including cure wounds spells have a 50% chance of spell failure. Characters on this planet take a -5 penalty on Fortitude saves made to regain lost levels from energy drain.

Medium Humanoid, Chaotic (LE), Average Intelligence; Warband (4d6)*
HD 1+1
AC 15 (breastplate)
ATK By weapon
MV 30
SV F 13, R 15, W 15
XP 75 (CL 1)
Doomites  are large cousins of goblins with no hair and charcoal grey skin color. Large males have pronounced ridges on the top of their heads and large eyes. Doomite eyes are either yellowish or black, while their teeth are yellow or black fangs. Doomite soldiers wear simple armor, but when off-duty these goblinoids dress in foppish finery such as frilled colars and sleeves. Their weaponry is kept polished and in good repair. Doomite speak Drule and Common. Doomite hate humans and attack them first, in preference to other opponents.
Doomites live primarily on Galra, but can be found wherever the Galran Empire has spread. When encountered in the field, Doomites are  organized into units of 1d10 x 20 warriors. Each unit is led by a great Doomite with 5+1 HD. There is a 30% chance the tribe dwells with one of the following: 2d6 Large Robeasts or 1d6 Huge Robeasts. Doomite army composition can be determined randomly.

25% DRONES: Leather armor (AC 13), scimitar, whip
20% TROOPER: Breastplate (AC 15), scimitar, pistol
30% DOOMITE: Breastplate (AC 15), scimitar, rifle
15% ELITE: Chitin Plate (AC 18), glaive, short sword, rifle, pistol
10% PILOT: Leather Armor (AC 13), scimitar, rifle, Drule Fighter Ship

Special Qualities: Immune to disease and poison, resistance to cold. 

Doomites modify their starting ability scores as follows: Str +1, Dex +1, Int -1 and Cha -1. Doomites have dark-vision to a range of 120 feet. Spells that cure hit point damage act as harm spells, and negative energy spells such as harm spells and ray of enfeeblement have the opposite effect on Doomites.
Doomites speak Drule and Common, but might also know Infernal, Ghoul or Orc. Doomites can advance to a maximum of 9th level in most classes, but have unlimited advancement as Assassins. 

This campaign setting uses the Blood and Treasure RPG rules. Its a melding of Old School gaming and the newer, smoother-running games rules. Its a game that is fairly rules light, but has just enough crunch to satisfy my gaming appetite. All the cool kids are doing it.

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