Thursday, August 14, 2014

Voidjammer: Doomite Freighter

Doomite Freighter
Awesome Vehicle
HD:  124, hp 832
AC: 24, Hardness 10
Speed: As Helmsman’s Int x’s 10 in Wildspace, fly 60 ft. in a gravity well.
Atk: Blunt ram (3d8), or 3 Medium Cannons (10d6)
SV: 3
Crew: 4/40
Air Capacity: 13,888 man-days
Landing: Land
Power Type: Major Helm (see Helms)
Cargo: 30 Tons
Keel/Beam Length: 250ft/60 ft
Cost: 257,000 gp

The Doomite Freighter is the workhorse of the Galran Blueskins. but can sometimes be found operating as a pirate ship or independent trade-ship. These ships serve often as slaver ships, but also transport other goods, troops and Robeasts and other creatures. All Doomite Freighters are adorned with the skull of a Space Demon used as a blunt ram and a smaller demon skull for use as a crows nest/scrying tower.
Doomite Freighters are equipped with at least six Doomite Fighter-Craft (Large Vehicle), and can hold similar sized vehicles. Ships are launched through doors that open in the skull-rams eyes. These ships are the primary defense of the freighter, though the ship also has three aft-facing cannons in case of trouble.
Crows Nest: These ships are equipped with a special chamber that comes equipped with a immovable crystal ball (normal type). The ships wizard typically uses the crows nest as his or her lab room.
Speaking Tubes: Doomite freighters are equipped with speaking tubes that allow all decks to instantly communicate with one another.

This ship and the setting it is designed for uses the Blood and Treasure RPG rules. Its a melding of Old School gaming and the newer, smoother-running games rules. Its a game that is fairly rules light, but has just enough crunch to satisfy my gaming appetite. All the cool kids are doing it.
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