Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mythos Space: The Nug Soth of Yaddith

Type: Monstrous Humanoid 
Size: Small (3’ tall) 
Intelligence: High (13-18) 
HD: 1
AC: 18 (Light armor and buckler)
ATK: Mind thrust and by weapon
MV: 20/60
SV: F 16, R 13, W 13
Environment: Any 
No. Appearing: Band (1d20)
Alignment: Neutral 
XP: 100 (CL 2)
"Without definite intention he was asking the PRESENCE for access to a dim, fantastic world whose five multi-coloured suns, alien constellations, dizzy black crags, clawed, tapir-snouted denizens, bizarre metal towers, unexplained tunnels, and cryptical floating cylinders had intruded again and again upon his slumbers... -H.P. Lovecraft & E. Hoffman Price, "Through the Gates Of the Silver Key"
The Nug Soth are an alien race originally from the long-lost planet Yaddith. They are vaguely humanoid beings with traits similar to mammals, reptiles, and insects. Nug Soth stand about 2½ tall and weigh between 30 and 35 pounds., they are yellow-green to dark brown in color and have a tapir-like snout. They are a curious, intelligent species that has colonized numerous worlds and can be found dwelling with or near human colonies. They have iridescent compound eyes. Nug Soth prefer to wear light clothing, and are sometimes content with just a sturdy harness. They speak their own language.
All Nug Soth suffer only 1/2 damage to acid and can use the mind thrust psychic power once per day. Nug Soth organize themselves into hives of 2d20 x 20 warriors and a number of non-combatants equal to 100% of the warriors. Hives have 4d6 giant bombardier beetles used as guard animals and mascots. For every 40 warriors in a hive, there is one leader with 3 HD. Hives with up to 200 warriors are led by a 4th to 7th level psion. Hives with more than 200 warriors are led by 5th to 8th level psion or occultist.
15% Light and buckler (AC 17), short sword, mk1 laser pistol
30% Medium armor and buckler (AC 18), short sword, mk1 laser pistol
35% Heavy armor and buckler (AC 18), vibro dagger
20% Giant beetle, heavy armorand shield (AC 19), vibro dagger, mk1 laser pistol
Spells: 1/day–mind thrust. Special Qualities: Resistance to energy (acid)

Nug Soth modify their starting ability scores as follows: Int +1, Str -1, Wis -1. They have base land speed of 20 ft. and a +2 bonus to AC from their chitin, which also gives them 50% resistance to acid. Their compound eyes give them a knack for finding secret doors. Nug Soth characters retain the ability to cast mind thrust once per day. Nug Soth speak English and Nug Soth. They might also speak Chinese, Cthuloi, Enochian, French, Latin and the language of insects. Nug Soth can advance in any class, and can multiclass as scholar/rogues and fighter/rogues. Whatever class or classes they pursue, they can only advance to a maximum of 9th level.

The Nug Soth are an ancient, space-faring people from the planet Yaddith. These insectoid beings have colonies across the stars, often sharing worlds with Terran species. Ages ago, Yaddith was invaded by the Dholes, subterranean monsters distantly related to the Pnathian Deathworm but far more intelligent and more powerful. The Nug-Soth sought a way to prevent the destruction of their planet's crust by the Dholes, but to no avail. Eventually, the Dholes overwhelmed them and destroyed the Nug-Soth's civilization. Survivors of the catastrophe escaped, however, and hid on various planets.
As a species, most Nug Soth have lost their formerly space-faring culture, clinging to survival amidst many far-flung colonies across space. The Nug Soth priest caste is composed of Psions (Scholar sub-class), who maintain the races remaining technology, history and culture. 
Colonial efforts of the Tsan-Chan Empire and its corporate states have not been kind to Nug Soth colonies, generally conquering the Nug Soth populace and using them as cheap labor.


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