Monday, May 9, 2016

Mythos Space: Eggbot Walker (Mecha)

Eggbot Walker
Class: Light
Size: Large
Hit Dice: 15 (53 hp)
Armor Class: 19 (Steel 0.5)
Speed: 12 mph (100’)
Targeting: +1
Maneuver: +3
Weapons: 2 x light lasers, 1 x heavy machine gun (rifle), 2 x light melee (fist).
Cost: $6,000.00

The Eggbot Walker is a type of mecha that is in wide use on colony worlds, where heavy labor in dangerous environments is common. These vehicles are constructed from kits that make use of sleep-pods and other "leftover" components along with specialized parts. The pilot sits in the vehicles cockpit and can move about as smoothly as a bulky human. These mecha are used as two-legged tractors and as mechanized troops.
As combat units, these 10ft mecha are quite useful in battling the many strange lifeforms found across the far-flung colonies. They are especially appealing to colonists, as they are cheap and relatively easy to repair with scrounged parts (+2 to repair checks). Also, the low-tech aspects of the mecha are fairly resistant to infovore infestation.
All Eggbot Walkers come with the buit-in equivalent of an Advanced Breathing Apparatus (24hrs of air), Communicator and Motion Detector. These devices are integral, and cannot be removed. See Gadgets and Gizmos for details.

These rules make use of the Grit and Vigor RPG. See the vehicle rules on page 53-58 of the Grit and Vigor rulebook for details.


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