Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Angels Part Two

Its been awhile since I mentioned Angels. So heres a link to the earlier article.

The sketchwork presented here is the pencils for work produced for Marcher Lord Press, a new publishing company of considerable energy and vision. This image depicts a valiant warrior sallying forth with accompanying angels. Whether or not he is aware of their presence is up to the viewer to decide.

What threats lie just out of sight in those wood do you suppose? What could make those gigantic, sword weilding angels so alert and on edge? Something awful I imagine...

Let me know what you think of this, I want to know. I will be getting more into art for folklore, myth and modern fantasy in the weeks to come, so expect a great many articles on such matters. If there is anything you would be interested in seeing here, let me know. There will be a great many more pieces going up along with stories and poems, so stay tuned.


"I will not say, O Brother, what the spiritual concert is,
Until I know who is listening to it.
If he begins his flight from the tower of the spirit.
The Angels will not keep up with his soaring.
But if he be a man of error, vanity and play,
The Shaytan will grow more powerful in his brain.
The Rose is torn apart by the morning breeze,
But not the log; for it can only be split by an ax.
The world feeds on music, drunkenness and rivalry.
But what does the blind man see in a mirror?"
-Who is The Real Seeker, Sa'di Shirazi

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