Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pangea: Dogu Armor Sketches

All manner of strange beings and persons turn up in my sketchbook. So I will be posting sketches more often, both as an exercise for myself and to cue you into the whirling chaos that is my brain. Today I have a couple sketches suitable to inclusion into the world of Pangea. 
In coming up with wonders to fill the lands of Pangea, a number of strange creatures and magics come to mind. One interesting device/creature of Pangea are the Dogu. The Dogu are a kind of wondrous item created by the wizards of Artelmis (see Campaign Region) for use in labor and in warfare. These will be further expanded upon and detailed soon.
Above we see one model of Dogu and a Adamu Magic User for size comparison. 
And here we have another type or model of Dogu. 

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