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Pangea: Man-Kin Monster Stats Pt 1

Front to back; Awani, Ruhin, Dakkati, and Kabiri.
Pangea is a vast, mostly untamed world with only small enclaves of civilization, often closed off from the modern world. Ancient races, many of whom are pre-human and hostile, force the varying races of man and man-kin into close proximity. This closeness in many cases causes distrust and hostility, but can also make for intriguing dynamics of family and friends (or at least allies of necessity).
So I have written up the not-strictly-human races of man-kin as monsters for use by the GM. More to come.

Medium Humanoid, Chaotic (CN), Low Intelligence; Squad (1d20)*
HD: 1
AC: 14 (cured hide and shield)
ATK: By weapon
MV: 30
SV: F 13, R 15, W 16
XP: 50 (CL 1)
The Awani are a primitive race of people closely related to both the Adamu and Kabiri. Awani are as tall or taller than the Adamu, averaging six feet in height in males and five and a half feet tall in females. Awani have ape-like faces, with heavy brows and large jaws. The Awani are a brutish, short-sighted people who prefer violence and action to higher pursuits, and are notorious as raiders and thieves. On their own they live simple lives of hunter-gatherers, but will take on a raiding culture when they encounter other people who are weaker than themselves.
Awani are organized into tribes of 1d10 x 30 warriors plus non-combatants equal to 150% of the warriors. The tribe has one additional 2 HD sub-chief for every 30 warriors and is led by a 3 HD chief who keeps a personal bodyguard of 5d6 2 HD warriors. There is a 50% chance that a family of 1d4 kabiri dwells with the awani.

More information on the Awani can be found in Races Pt 2.

DAKKATI (Homo sapiens neanderthalensi)
Medium Humanoid, Neutral (N), Average Intelligence; Band (1d12)*
HD: 2
AC: 12
ATK: By weapon
MV: 30
SV: F 12, R 15, W 15
XP: 100 (CL 2)
The Dakkati are an ancient people who dwell in the wild mountains and in cold lands. They are renowned hunters, survivors and regarded as nearly magically skilled at working stone, bone and ivory. Dakkati are considered short by Adamu standards, ranging between five and five and a half feet in height, but very stocky and with thick bones.
Dakkati organize into clans of 1d10 x 20 warriors and additional non-combatants equal to 3 times the number of warriors. For every 20 warriors, there is an additional sub-chief with 3 HD. Clans are commanded by chiefs with 4 HD, and usually keep 3d6 dogs as hunting companions and guard animals.

More information on the Dakkati can be found in Races.

KABIRI (Meganthropus)
Large Giant, Chaotic (CN), Low Intelligence; Band (1d8)
HD: 4
AC: 16
ATK: Slam (1d6) or by weapon
MV: 40
SV: F 10, R 14, W 15
XP: 200 (CL 4)
The Kabiri are a race of hairy giants who dwell in the hills and mountains. They are kin of the great Giants, though this relationship is strained at best, with only Hill Giants, Ettins and other brutish giant-kin having any sense of kinship with the Kibiri. When standing fully erect, an adult Kabiri stand from eight to ten feet in height on thick, short legs. Their powerful arms are slightly longer than their legs, this along with their brutish jaws and low brows give them an ape-like appearance.
Kabiri are not liked by most other races, largely due to the Kabiris huge appetites and predilection to stealing livestock and violent natures. Most Kabiri live in wild tribes or among mixed bands of bandits, especially Awani, where their great strength comes in handy.

More information on the Kabiri can be found in Races

RUHIN (Homo floresiensis)
Small Humanoid, Neutral (N), Average Intelligence; Gang (1d10)*
HD: 0
AC: 13 (leather armor and buckler)
ATK: By weapon
MV: 20
SV: F 14, R 16, W 16
XP: 25 (CL 0)
The Ruhin are a small race of people that share a close relation to the Awani and distantly to Adamu. Ruhin average only three feet in height and have a distinctly ape-like look. Despite appearances the Ruhin are a cunning and organized people that are excellent trackers, hunters and thieves. These skills serve them well in the wild and in dealing with other peoples.
Ruhin tribes include 1d20 x 20 warriors plus additional non-combatants equal to 100% of the warriors and 6d6 giant monitors. For every 40 ruhin there is a sub-chief with 1 HD. Tribes are commanded by a 3 HD chief who has a bodyguard of 2d10 elite ruhin warriors with maximum hit points. The usual composition of a ruhin army is as follows:
35% Leather and buckler (AC 13), club, 3 darts
25% Leather and buckler (AC 13), short bow, club
15% Leather armor (AC 12), heavy flail
10% Cured hide (AC 15), spear
10% Leather (AC 12), short bow, dagger, giant monitor lizard
5% Studded leather and shield (AC 15), light mace, giant monitor lizard

More information on the Awani can be found in Races Pt 2.

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