Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Voidjammer: Galleon


Galleon setting sail from one of Torremor's floating islands. 
SPEED: 150 feet per TS of helm
DEX: Helmsman's Dex modifier -1
WEAPONS:  3 Large weapons
CREW: 9/18
AIR CAPACITY: 2,016 man-days
POWER TYPE: Major Helm
CARGO: 7 Tons
KEEL/BEAM LENGTH: 130ft/30ft
COST:  24,300gp

The galleon is the best ocean going craft that groundling nations can bring into space. It is nothing more than a sailing ship with the voidjammer helm-purchased or salvaged from some wreck-attached. Other nations dabble, though, and the most thoughtful of them use the galleon as their vessel of choice. Bulky and slow, it still gets the job done, and its large cargo hold carries a great deal of spoils from other lands.
In my home campaign, the vast majority of voidjamming ships in operation in the sphere are Galleons or smaller, converted sea vessels. Their use in space has encouraged shipwrights to modify these vessels to better ply the spacelanes, giving rise to an ever-evolving standard of ships. This is a basic Galleon, with many having modifications such as glassteel domed decks, coldfire thrusters, and advanced weapons.

These rules are derived from the Blood and Treasure game. Voidjammer ships use the modified space combat rules found here.

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