Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Voidjammer: Trollans

Small Outsider, Neutral (CN), Average Intelligence; Company (1d4)
HD 2
AC 13
ATK Spells
MV 10, Fly 30
SV F 13, R 15, W 15
XP 200 (CL 3)

Trollans are a race of magical beings who are the dominant life form on Trolla, a world in another dimension. Trollans wear red robes, red hats, and hide their faces behind scarves. In Trollan society, showing your face to each other is considered an intimate act, similar to humans sharing a kiss. Karandian trollans do not sharre this taboo openly showing their faces (and are seen as perverse by other Trollans). Trollans are grey or blue-skinned humanoids with pointy ears. However, their feet remain hidden under their robes. Trollans have long arms and short legs, but have a natural ability to fly, allowing them to float without using their legs for walking.
Magic is central to trollan civilization, as the world of Trolla is fairly brimming with mystical energies. Trollan civilization is ruled by the Academy of Magic, a council of the most accomplished trollan spellcasters. Most Trollans are sorcerers, but a rare few follow other paths.
Other species have a difficult time taking the Trollans seriously, as their elfin appearance, and voluminous clothing seems comical. Those who have dealt with them for any length of time will see that the Trollans are neither weak nor foolish. In fact the sorcerers of Trolla are amongst the most potent spellcasters in the multiverse, rivaling the greatest elven sages.

Spells: Continuous— prestidigitation; 1/day— detect magic, mage hand, open/close.

Sorcerer Spells (6/4): 0 lvl- audible glamour, dancng lights, ray of frost, read magic, smoke image, wizard mark. 1st lvl-  animate rope, color spray, energy missile, shield.

Trollans modify their starting ability scores as follows: Str -2, Int +1. They are small creatures but have a land speed of 10 ft. However when carrying no more than a light load, a Trollan can fly at a speed of 30 feet. All trollan with a charisma score of 10 or higher can cast prestidigitation at will and detect magic, mage hand, and open/close once a day. 
Trollans can multi-class as fighter/sorcerer, cleric/sorcerer or sorcerer/ thieves. They speak Trollan and may also speak Celestial, Draconic, Elven, Sylvan, Gnome or Goblin.

TROLLA (Celestial Body)
Trolla is a small planet that is home to the strange Trollans. The location of this world is unknown, but is believed to be in a Crystal Sphere located far from any known river in the Phlogiston.
Trolla is a colorful and charming fairy tale world with rolling hills and brightly colored flowers abounding. Strange three-eyed reptilian monsters called "Garks" are numerous here. And though these creatures are fearsome looking and very powerful, they are quite peaceful.
Trolla is strongly aligned with Chaos (not evil). All Lawful creatures suffer a -2 penalty to saving throws on Trolla. In addition, Trolla has the wild magic trait, making the use of spells quite dangerous (though natives such as Trollans enjoy a +5 bonus to their saving throws against wild magic when they cast spells).

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