Thursday, July 24, 2014

Voidjammer: Wildspace Creature Template

Fantasy space is chock full of weird creatures, many of whom are quite powerful. However, there are also plenty of "every day" creatures out there. Schools of space-going fish, asteroid dwellers and assorted oddities that make life possible in the Void.

Wildspace Creature Template
A wildspace creature is a creature that either lives in Wildspace and the Phlogiston or can survive there indefinitely. Wildspace creatures often hibernate in comets and asteroids. Others wander outer space in search of food, occasionally taking up residence on planets where food is abundant (assuming they can find a safe way to the surface). Wildspace creatures even threaten idle voidships from time to time.
All wildspace creatures have their own look that marks them as different from normal cousins. Many have a sleek, elongated look, often eschewing noses, ears or other features we associate with the base creature, others are far far weirder in appearance.
Not all wildspace creatures are motivated by hunger or sheer malice; other likely motives include natural curiosity or a desire for companionship. Wildspace is, after all, a vast and lonely place.
Wildspace creatures share the following characteristics:

1. Wildspace animals and vermin become magical beasts; other creatures retain their normal type.

2. In wildspace and other zero-gravity environments, a wildspace creature can fly at a rate equal to its base speed. Some wildspace creatures can fly as though equipped with a minor or even major helm.

4. A wildspace creature creates its own oxygen supply or doesn’t need to breathe at all. It can exist in zero-atmosphere environments.

5. Wildspace creatures cold resistance and fire resistance.


Space Ape (Giant Ape)
Huge Animal, Neutral (N), Animal Intelligence; Troop (1d4);
HD 8; AC 15; ATK 2 claws (1d8 + rend) and bite (1d8); MV 30 (Climb 15), Fly 30ft; SV F 6, R 9, W 14; XP 800 (CL 9); Special: doesn't breathe, cold resistance, fire resistance.

Space Dolphin
Medium Magical Beast, Neutral (N), Low Intelligence; School (1d20)
HD 2, AC 15, ATK Slam (2d4), MV Fly 80ft, SV F 12, R 11, W 18, XP 100 (CL 2); Special: Space Dolphins can “see” via echoes on the etheric plane, that allow them to locate objects and creatures within 120 feet. A silence spell forces the dolphin to rely on its vision. doesn't breathe, cold resistance, fire resistance.

A template’s description provides a set of instructions for altering an existing creature, known as the “base creature”. The changes that a template might cause to each line of a creature’s statistics are discussed
below. Generally, if a template does not cause a change to a certain statistic, that entry is missing from the template description. Remember, if a monster’s Hit Dice are changed, its saving throw values and experience point value are also changed.
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