Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Voidjammer: Talon Fighter

Talon Fighter
Large Vehicle
Look at that thing! 
HD:  15, 94 hp
AC: 15, Hardness 10
Speed: As Minor Helm and Helmsmen
Atk: 2 Talons (2d8), 2 Energy Missile Cannons (4d6+4)
SV: 4 (Steel)
Crew: 1/2
Air Capacity: 100 man-days
Landing: Land Only
Power Type: Minor Helm*
Cargo: 2 tons
Keel/Beam Length: 12ft/20ft
Cost: 8,000gp

The Talon Fighter is a winged flying vehicle, which can carry two people on board, styled to resemble a bird of prey in flight. These voidships are still rare in the Spheres, but have already made a stir due to their versatility.These vessels have seen considerable action in recent days in battling The Horde during its advancement across the spheres. The Talon Fighter is extremely useful in battling the Batmek fighters employed by The Horde with one Talon Fighter being the equivalent of five Batmeks in battle.
In combat the Talon Fighter often relies on its Energy Missile Cannons and its great speed. In a pinch, these vehicles can employ their landing gear to claw ships and creatures in melee range.
Ether Wings*: The Talon Fighters wings allow it to fly at a speed equal to a Major Helm while equipped with only a Minor Helm (see Helms). The fighters tonnage is not affected.
Scrying Array: This marvelous device allows the helmsman or passenger to send messages to scry as per the spell cast by an tenth level magic user. See Scrying (see Blood and Treasure PHB page 141) for details.

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