Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Voidjammer: Horde Void Cruiser

The Evil Horde from the classic He-Man and She-Ra franchise is so delightfully grim-n-Goofy that I think it is PERFECT for Voidjammer and Spelljammer. So expect more ships, weapons and monsters from the Filmation/Kenner cartoons and toys as well as many others from other old favorites.
Below is a general transport ship for The Horde, that showed up in numerous episodes of the cartoon(s). They are tough, versatile, and tough enough to make for worthy foes or even useful ships for adventurers.
This conversion uses the Blood and Treasure RPG system. Check it out! All the cool kids are doing it...

Horde Void Cruiser
Colossal Vehicle
HD:  22, 181 hp
AC: 18, Hardness 10
Speed: As per Helm and Helmsman
Atk: 2 Fireball Cannons (10d6) or 1 Lightning Gun (3d6)
Hordaks Personal Cruiser
SV: 3 (Metal)
Crew: 1/2
Air Capacity: 2,400 man-days
Landing: Land
Power Type: Major Helm (see Helms)
Cargo: 20 tons
Keel/Beam Length: 180ft by 30ft
Cost: 42,000gp

The Horde Void Cruiser is a mass produced voidship used extensively by The Horde and its allies, though a number of these vessels are sold on the open market. The Void Cruiser is primarily a cargo hauler and troop transport for the Horde war effort, as its cargo bay is spacious enough to hold two Large Vehicles (usually Batmeks) one Huge Vehicle (usually a Destructo Tank) or up to 50 Horde Troopers. If stacked properly, a Horde Void Cruiser can hold a great deal of cargo with only a minimum of crew.
Though the standard Void Cruiser is fairly standard individual units are often stylized after the whims of the ships owner. Leering faces, eye-slit windows and other personal touches are common. All of these ships are combat ready and are typically accompanied by large numbers of Batmeks.
Weapons Helm: Alongside the ships standard Helm is the Weapons Helm. This seat can control the ships weapons and ramp doors remotely, allowing the Void Cruiser to rain destruction of the enemies of the Horde without additional crewmembers.
Airtight: Not only is a Void Cruisers deck covered, but the entire interior of the Voidship is airtight, and temperature controlled. This makes the Void Cruiser capable of flying through poisonous atmospheres without endangering any living crewmemebers and prevents the ships air from being fouled.
MOTU Examples: Annihilator, Doom Buster

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