Thursday, March 26, 2015

Atomic Dawn: New Memphis and Environs

New Memphis
Community Size: Small City
Population: 9,821 Adults
Size: 109.94 Acres
Races: Pure Human (7,663); Mutant Human (883); Mutant Animal (491); Android, Basic (294); Android, Synthetic (196); Android, Replicant (98); Mutant Plant (98); Other (98)
Languages: Creole, English, Spanglish,
Imports: Slaves, Salvage, Raw Goods, Cloth, Books
Exports: Ships, Plastics, Cyberware, Trained Slaves, Rice, Luxury Goods, Preserved Meat
Famous: Wine. Sex, Music, Secrets and Wisdom
Infamous: Gambling, Music, Whores, Liars and Prophets
New Memphis is an independent city-state with a cosmopolitan air. A port and trade city of merchant princes and excellent shipbuilders. A Port Royal feel is apparent, with slavers, pirates, businessmen and assorted characters from all over the place. New Memphis is a populous, labyrinthine city rife with corruption; it is decadent and squalid in roughly equal parts and is so shrouded by smog that the stars are rarely sighted. The city is ostensibly ruled by an Overlord and a merchant nobility.
New Memphis will trade with ANYBODY, and is considered neutral ground between political powers. Atlantis, Kooba, The Alamo Empire, Eden and even Apeman Pirates and inland city-states are all welcome, if they have gold or goods that-is.
Inspirations: Casablanca, New Orleans, Port Royal, Treasure Island, Medieval Venice. 

Below is a small list of things of interest in and around New Memphis. This is not an exhaustive list, but enough to pique a party's interest.

Dollywood Jungle: A large region of dense jungle-covered hills and mountains. This region is liberally haunted by all manner of large reptiles and giant insects (think Skull Island) including wildlife from Agartha such as the Gwangi and other dinosaurs. Despite these threats, lumber gathering expeditions are frequent.
CostMart Superstore: Just outside of the city, CostMart has one of its superstores. CostMart is neutral concerning the politics of New Memphis and has yet to make any concerted effort to oppose the local technomancers, as their products are not mass produced.
Cult of Sargassa: Sargassa is the goddess of the dreadful depths (Seaweed Kaiju). This monster is seen in the deep ocean on occasion, and is greatly feared by fisherfolk. Aquatic plant monsters are seen as her children. Cults dedicated to Sargassa are found mostly in the swamps and jungles of the south and southeast, and are known to practice human sacrifice.
First Presleyite Church (Cult of Elvis): The Once and Future King, Lord of Hostess, The Great SHABOOM. This church is very active in New Memphis, having the general doctrine and feel of a feel good evangelical church, set to the music of Elvis. The church itself is a neon monstrosity that resembles a garish theater. Presided over by Father Marty "Blue Moon" Smith. Note: All priests of this church are Elvis impersonators (male, female or other).
Fort San Fernando:  This is a town/district of New Memphis that is dedicated to the defense of the town. Along with the cities standard police/military, is the headquarters of FEMA Force- An elite force of rescue and defense oriented soldiers outfitted with IPS Encased Armor. These troops are used primarily
Gunters Island (Guntersville Alabama): Somewhere East of New Memphis. In the wild Alabama river-country (which is much like modern Louisiana). Much of the region to the south is swampland interspersed with jungle teeming with unpleasantness. To the North and East are the Appalachian foothills and beyond that, Atlantis.
Technomancers Guild: This organization of Sorcerers ( or Wizards if you prefer) that are all obsessed by both magic and science. Members of the guild often mix relig gadgets in with their spellcasting, using them to make talismans, clothing and other fetishes. They don't need such accoutrements, but most enjoy the look of it.  A strong interest of guild members is the development of new gadgets and magical devices. 

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