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World of Tsuchi (Soo-Chee): Kodama and Susuwatari

The world of Tsuchi is teeming with life, including the spirit world. Forests, glades and mountains are teeming with spirits, some good and some bad. Humans at all levels of society are aware of the presence of spirits, and a great many customs and taboos are observed when dealing with them. To add to the magical feel of the setting, GM's should make ample use of minor spirits. These beings are thought to be everywhere, though they are frequently unseen. However adventurers, especially those with magical abilities, should run into these beings far more often that the average person.
Below are a few minor spirits of the World of Tsuchi.

Tiny Fey, Neutral (CN), Low Intelligence; Grove (1d8)
HD 0
AC 14
ATK Kick (1)
MV 30 (Climb 20)
SV F 16, R 13, W 13
XP 25 (CL 0)
A kodama is a spirit that lives in a tree that can nimbly bustle about forest at will. They appear as tiny (1 1/2 foot), white humanoids with large, rattling heads and mask-like features, similar to bobbleheads. Kodama are generally nonviolent beings, preferring to hide of flee whenever possible. However if pressed into a fight, kodama can kick for one point of damage.
Forests with a sizeable Kodama population are always healthy and vibrant, thick plant growth and immense trees predominate and animal life is abundant. The kodama themselves go about their long lives wandering about the groves gossipping amongst themselves concerning the goings-on in the forest. Anytime a visitor comes into their region, kodama will "rattle" the news, alerting all of their kind across the forest.

Special Qualities: Incorporeal

Spells: At will—invisibility, pass without trace; 1/Day- detect poison, guidance, know direction.

Nature-loving Magic-Users and Sorcerers can occasionally gain a Kodama familiar, though they must have a Wisdom of at least 13 to qualify. Such spellcasters gain Survival as a class skill and forest fey will have an initially friendly response to the character. Such spellcasters must roleplay their connection with nature, and be respectful of forest fey.

Susuwatari Swarm
Tiny Elementals, Neutral (N), Low-Intelligence; Infestation (1d12 swarms)
HD 2
AC 17
ATK Choking attack (see below)
MV 40 (Climb 40)
SV F 12, R 15, W 12
XP 80 (CL 3)
Susuwatari (wandering soot"), are tiny soot elementals that are usually harmless. Individually, Susuwatari are described and shown as tennis ball-sized, pitch-black and fuzzy-haired beings with two large eyes and long, thin legs. However these sprite-like creatures are almost never seen alone, preferring to swarm in great numbers along and under floors, attics and basements.
Susuwatari are not usually hostile, but if threatened can swarm over an opponent, choking them with their sooty bodies. This attack deals no damage, but is considered a special maneuver (DC 10) requiring that the opponent make a FORT save or be Sickened from all the sneezing (see page Conditions on page 52 of the Blood and Treasure PHB for details).

Special Qualities: Immune to fire


Yeah, I know I've been jumping around alot. However I do intend to be posting some pretty cool stuff for the Dark Space, Tsuchi and Atomic Dawn setting in the days and weeks to come. There is also a Young Adult novel and a childrens picture book in the works. So stay tuned!

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